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How to assist elderly pet owners during COVID-19

With older Australians being urged to stay home and only leave the house for essentials, many senior pet owners are at risk of losing social connections in the community along with the ability to easily access basic pet care and services as they self-isolate at home. 

Knowing their loyal companions can remain happy and healthy can make a huge impact to their daily lives and the lives of their cherished pet.

Here are some tips from PETstock Assist to help seniors in the community stay socially connected as well as some advice on how people in their lives can assist with ongoing pet care during this crisis:

Stay connected

Keeping up with regular vet visits, accessing essential pet services and supplies and maintaining daily exercise are some of the difficulties the elderly may face.

If you have a grandparent, elderly family friend or neighbour in the local community with a pet, stay connected with them and offer your support and assist wherever you can.

Communications that do not require any physical presence such as FaceTime, Zoom, Skype and Facebook are some of the online options which exist to help family and friends stay virtually connected. Alternatively, a daily phone call is a straightforward way to check in on those not so tech-savvy individuals along with those who may not have access to the internet.

Provide assistance

Volunteering to take a dog out for their daily walk, collecting pet food or teaching seniors how to online shop for pet supplies are just a few ways the community can provide ongoing support.

Emergency care plan

Family, friends and neighbours should check in with their loved ones to ensure an emergency care plan is in place for their pet in the event they are required to undergo hospitalisation or for other reasons such as financial pressures.

Short term emergency care or fostering

If a loved one has contracted COVID-19, try to have their pet cared for by another member of the family or close friends. 

Foster care is an incredibly rewarding experience and the perfect way to pay it forward during the COVID-19 crisis if you are in a position to help out seniors in need.

Vet care

PETstock Vet hospitals can assist and treat pets of patients who have been unwell, diagnosed with COVID- 19 or unable to visit the vet. Seniors can call 13 PETS for more information or alternatively video chat with a veterinarian in Australia from 6am to midnight from the comfort of their own home on PETstock’s Vet Chat service here.


It’s also a great time to consider a donation to your local group as most rely heavily on fundraising at events which have now been cancelled or postponed.

There are hundreds of incredible organisations and charities making a difference to the lives of seniors and their pets such as PETstock’s charity organisation PETstock Assist or their partner charity Cherished Pets Foundation in Victoria.

MEDIA RELEASE, 17th April 2020

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