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Dog Dream Box Subscription Box & Gift Boxes

Introducing Dog Dream Box, a new monthly dog subscription box, chock-full of the canine cravings and dog toys that your pooch dreams about. 

Each gift box is a real beauty, containing 5 or more hand-selected products that your dog will roll over for! With a subscription, you’ll receive your box every month, with different goodies each time. 

Each box will have a variety of yummy all-natural Australian made dog treats, fun dog toys and cheeky dog accessories. We seriously geek out on the selection process, so feedback is always welcome to ensure we scratch your doggo’s happy place.

What is unique about the Dog Dream Box subscription box?

We all heard that saying “A dog is a man’s best friend” or “There is no better friend and companion than a dog”. This is why we adore dogs, there is something about our furry friends that makes our smile big and our heart full. 

Our goal is to put a smile on your face while your dog gets a spring in their paw-steps, inspiring hours of playtime, exercise, mental stimulation, snuggles and adventures for dog lovers and their fur babies. 

For that reason, we set out from the beginning to create a unique experience that will fit every dog and dog owner

That’s why we developed the system where everything is customised and tailored for every dog individually, either with our subscription or one-off time gift boxes. 

After you complete your pet profile, all items will be hand-picked based on your pup’s specific needs and shipping is always free! That makes Dog Dream Box totally unique.
Your first box will be shipped immediately and following boxes will be shipped on the 15th of every month

Who are Dog Dream Box?

Dog Dream Box is an Australian family-owned dog subscription box business based in Perth. At Dog Dream Box, we want to make your dog’s dream come true and to inspire each dog lover to have an active and happy lifestyle with their pup. 

Since we are so passionate about the wellbeing and safety of dogs around the country we support and contribute to organisations that support charities and dog shelters around the country. 

What is the one-off Gift Box selection?

At Dog Dream Box we like to say that if your pup needs another reason to chase the mailman, you should try some of our one-off unique gift boxes specially created for different occasions. 

1) Wild Pup Box 

Super tough durable dog toys and treats for chewers. 

Wild Pup Box addresses the need for some dogs to chew more often and more vigorously than others. It is loaded with engaging goodies for chewers including toys tested for durability to last longer for more play sessions to ensure dogs have plenty to destroy other than your living room furniture. 

2) Bubble Bath Box 

Bubble Bath Box comes with an assortment of amazing pampering and grooming products, e.g. dog shampoos, conditioners, colognes, deodorisers, detangling sprays, brushes and more, to make your dog look like a star after wash. 

Whether your dog has a silky coat, a wiry coat, or thin fine coat, the products in the Bubble Bath Box are meant for all dogs that could use a good bath every once in a while. 

3) Puppy Dream Box 

Puppy Dream Box is a great choice for any new puppy owner with an assortment of minimum 7 or more items including puppy-licious treats, perfect teething puppy toys, amazing puppy grooming products and cute puppy accessories. 

Start your life together out right with the puppy gift box that keeps on giving for your new fluffy bundle of joy.

4) Dog Birthday Box 

It’s your dog’s birthday, time to get some hand-picked and personal gifts to spoil your dog on their special day thanks to the Dog Birthday Box

Jam-packed with minimum 6 or more items of yummy treats, fun funky toys, cheeky accessories, Dog Birthday Box will be what your dog dreams about all year long. For being such cuties, they deserve only the most beautiful things in the world…on this special day and all year long.

5) Limited Edition: Natural Paws Box

Natural Paws Box is our Limited Edition box, designed for the wild at heart. If you and your dog love adventuring outdoors together, enjoying sporty accessories and a healthy, natural snack during your journey, the Natural Paws Box is for you. Stay active and experience nature with man’s best friend at your side.

6) Dream Treats Box 

Dream Treats Box delivers an assortment of all-natural Australian-made treats for your dog right to your door. It ensures you never run out of yummy treats for your dog. Because if you do, there will be no relaxing for either of you, and your pup’s wet nose in your lap will make sure of it! 

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP*: from $55/month based on a 6-month subscription, from $69-$89 for one-off gift boxes at

* All boxes include free shipping in Australia

Follow Dog Dream Box on Facebook at or on Instagram at 

MEDIA RELEASE, 8th April 2020

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