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Petssager Vibrating Pet Grooming Massage Brush – Review

The Petssager from Funked Up Pet Products captured our attention when first launched last year as it can be used both as a massaging device and a grooming brush!

It is suitable not only for dogs but also cats, horses, livestock and even zoo animals (well, maybe not all of them...)! 

We were excited by the product description advising that the Petssager is designed for pets that prefer a more gentle massage and would be especially beneficial to an older or nervous pet as we have both!

Just in time for Christmas, Funked Up Pet Products kindly sent us a demonstration unit as a present to trial with our senior dog Conner (aged 13) who suffers from ongoing muscle aches and stiffness, mainly in his hind legs and back caused by canine arthritis

Our old boy has never been a fan of baths (or water generally) so canine hydrotherapy is sadly not an option but our hope was that the Petssager would provide some relief for his aches and pains, improving his overall mobility and quality of life.

At some point, we thought we would also trial it on our other fur family members: the boisterous Malinois twins and Arya the cat ...

What is the Petssager? 

At first glance, it is similar in size and shape to a computer mouse but you immediately notice the ergonomic shape which means Petssager fits neatly in your palm during use. 

It is environmentally friendly as there’s no need for batteries. Instead, it uses a USB cable (provided) for charging and you only need to leave it on charge for an hour before the first use. The cable's magnetic metal prongs connect to the base of the unit and a blue light flashes whilst charging (it becomes solid blue when fully charged). 

A full charge should last around 60 minutes of working time. When not in use, your device can be safely stored in the soft satin grey pouch provided. 

The base of the unit is also your On / Off button and how you can cycle through 8 different functionsthere are 7 vibrating speed settings plus a pulsating function to give your pet the ultimate bonding session.

The Petssager is made of ABS – medical grade silicone so it can easily be wiped clean with warm soapy water. 
The vibrating motor is enclosed in silicone so it is soft and flexible, not like plastic that is hard and rigid. 

What are the possible benefits of Petssager for your pet? 

The Petssager is sold as a novelty pet item, which means the manufacturer is not making any medical claims and you shouldn't have any unrealistic expectations... 

So why would you want to try and give your dog, your cat or other pets a massage using a Petssager? Because it can...

✔️ Promote bonding
✔️ Relieve stress (hopefully for both parties involved!)
✔️ Improve mobility & circulation
✔️ Relieve stiffness and discomfort
✔️ Create a better quality of life
✔️ Promote sleep and relaxation
✔️ Be used as a grooming brush

If you have a dog who is normally anxious or reluctant to try something new, please take all the time you need to let them get used to it … Please don’t stick it in their face or allow them to sniff it whilst it’s vibrating (even as a joke)! 
If it touches their nose whilst in vibrating mode, you could give them a big scare and in turn make them unwilling to ever get near the Petssager again … 

Conner's experience with Petssager 

Conner was overdue for a bath so we decided to kick off his 2020 with a good scrub and if he was open to the idea, hopefully a short massage… Being an old man, he can get a little grumpy!

Our first concern was “what happens if I drop our Petssager accidentally in the bath?” because with hands covered in soap suds whilst juggling a camera, it is likely! Luckily, Petssager is 100% waterproof and can be fully submerged. 

The feel on your skin is quite pleasant when rolled along (we trialled it first out of curiosity!).

We found Petssager is relatively quiet and uses only a low to moderate level of vibration so Conner did not freak out when he was first introduced to the device.

We kept it on the lowest speed setting starting mid-spine and working our way down very slowly whilst he was standing in his bath, using it more as a grooming brush that time and he seemed to enjoy the experience. 

Conner usually settles down for long naps in the evenings whilst we watch TV; this provides multiple opportunities for a quick massage sitting on the floor next to him.

He's usually lying on one side and he does not seem to take too much notice of our massage but appears to ease into his relaxation after a few minutes. We always keep our sessions very short (5 mins along each leg / thigh and 5 mins along the shoulder in a circular motion), going slowly and applying only a small amount of pressure - never put any pressure on your dog's spine, especially if your dog is very bony. Mainly you're letting the vibration do all the work, not pressing too hard ...

Every dog is different so simply take your cues from your dog's body language. He may like it straight away, take a while to warm up to this new experience or (like our cat) run for the hills!

When used regularly, many owners report an improvement in easing muscle tensions and circulation over time and we noticed professionals working in veterinary rehabilitation practices using similar devices as part of injury treatment.

The main benefit of Petssager as a dog owner is that you can use it anywhere, any time and you also don't need to learn canine physiology or particular massaging techniques.

We felt it provides a great bonding session with our older dog - who can sometimes feel left out, competing with 2 young boisterous siblings and a demanding cat for our attention!
We haven't had much luck with these members of our pack so far but we will keep trying...

Please Note:

If your pet has a pre-existing injury or a medical condition, using Petssager may not be suitable so you should always consult your veterinarian first. 

The Petssager Vibrating Pet Massager & Brush is available in three colours: Blue, Black and Pink.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $75.00 from

This product comes with a one-year warranty. Please keep in mind that leaving the product with no charge in it for a length of time will ruin the internal battery. 

You can also follow Petssager on Facebook at or 

on Instagram at

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