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Paws N' All launches Smart Dog Box

Forget the one-size-fits-all approach when shopping for your pets! Two Sydney dog lovers have launched a fully personalised dog subscription box to deliver convenience and tailored products to time-poor dog owners across Australia. 

Key points:

  • Paws N’ All is a fully personalised dog subscription box and gift box service.
  • Every box is uniquely tailored to each recipient, meaning no two boxes are the same.
  • The business is also committed to boosting sustainability within the pet industry.
  • Paws N’ All was founded by a business journalist and a recommendations technology expert. 

Fully personalised service from Paws N’ All

Paws N’ All is the maker of the Smart Dog Box – a personalised dog subscription box and gift box service that uniquely tailors the contents of each box to its doggy recipient. And they do this by connecting Aussie dogs and their humans with relevant products they may not have seen before.

Everything in their Smart Dog Box covers three distinct categories – eat, play, love – and takes into account the range of things that make your dog unique: 

✔️ Age 
✔️ Breed
✔️ Size 
✔️ Favourite foods & activities 
✔️ Health conditions/allergies 
✔️ Anxiety & energy levels 
✔️ Temperament 
✔️ Chewer levels 
✔️ And even whether they live with children or other pets

Making life with pets more sustainable

Another key focus for Paws N’ All is sustainability. Every box and Paws N’ All branded packaging is made from recyclable and/or compostable materials – including corn starch plastics and tape as well as eco-friendly stickers and labels.

Each box even includes advice on how best to dispose of included packaging so you can reduce the amount of waste you are sending to landfill.

They also exclusively stock Australian made treats and chews, and where possible source directly from other Australian businesses.

Case study: Ripley the Australian Shepherd 

One of Paws N’ All’s early customers was Ripley, a three year-old Australian Shepherd. 

Ripley is very energetic and food-oriented, and lives with a considerably older Shepherd who is slowing down but has an appetite for sharing Ripley’s food and treats. 

That meant she needed toys that are stimulating and would keep her active, treats that are suitable for both her and her older buddy, as well as some accessories to protect her long, flowing coat.

For her first box, Ripley received: 

✔️ 1 kangaroo leg bone 
✔️ 250g of veggie tubes 
✔️ 1 cow hoof 
✔️ An Aussie Dog Get…It fetch toy 
✔️ A My M8s treat launcher toy 
✔️ A Kong zoom groom 
✔️ An Underwater Dogs sample pack of Australian made shampoo and conditioner 
✔️ A month’s supply of biodegradable poop bags. 
✔️ A Paws N’ All fridge magnet for her humans to keep tabs of emergency vet numbers and next treatment dates 
✔️ An overview of why each item had been hand-picked especially for her

For only $64.95, Ripley's Paws N' All Smart Box had a total retail value of $83.29.

“Thank you! It is just the right amount of fun for her,” Ripley’s owner Jennie said after Ripley excitedly tucked into her first box of goodies.

Who is behind Paws N’ All?

Paws N’ All
was founded by business journalist Adam Zuchetti and technology/recommendations expert Angus Stewart.

Between them, the Sydney-based duo have three dogs – Labradors Jasper and Meg, and Rafi the Havanese – each of whom have their own very distinctive personalities, tastes and of course needs.

The busy professionals were fed up with the hours they were spending trying to shop for their pups, and the staggering volume of low-quality toys, plastic packaging and foreign-made items they encountered.

And while others professed to being personalised, just choosing “small, medium or large dog” simply didn’t cut it. So they established Paws N’ All as a means of bringing a simple, convenient and tailored – or ‘pawsonalised’ – solution to other dog owners.

How much?

The Smart Dog Box is priced at $64.95/month (including free shipping), with the contents of each box valued at $75-$90+ RRP (recommended retail price). A Smart Dog Box Lite version for price-conscious dog owners will also soon be launched at a smaller price.


The Smart Dog Box subscription and gift boxes are available at

You can also follow Paws N’ All on Instagram and Facebook.

MEDIA RELEASE, 28th February 2020

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