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AMRRIC Water Your Dogs Health Campaign

Prominent Territorians star in dry comedy but dogs take the lead in this community canine care caper 

A senior traditional owner, an NT Minister, and two well-known veterinarians have joined forces to help spread a fun but important message about dog health during the Dry Season and just as relevant now in the warm build-up weather across the Top End. 

Traditional owner Johnathon Nadji (supplied)

“I love my dogs,” said Johnathon Nadji, a chairperson of the Kakadu Board of Management. “It’s important to always have a lot of water for them.”

Mr. Nadji and other notable Territorians feature in Water Your Dogs, a dog health video that’s especially relevant at this time of year. 

The upbeat, one-minute spot includes a who’s who of dogs from communities around Jabiru. 

During the Dry, some dogs aren’t getting enough water,” said veterinarian Dr. Allen, program manager for AMRRIC, the NT organisation behind the video. 


AMRRIC - Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities - is a national charity based in Darwin. 

“Dogs cool themselves by panting, which means they’re exhaling and losing water through respiration. They need lots of water to keep cool when it’s hot,” noted Dr. Allen. 

Dr. Stephen Cutter and Dr. Jan Allen (supplied) 
Dr. Stephen Cutter also makes an appearance—he’s another prominent vet as well as an AMRRIC co-founder. 

“We work in the desert, we work in the tropics—it’s hot for us, it’s hot for the dogs. Make sure water is always there for them,” said Dr. Cutter.

The video’s voice over artist is Indigenous woman and NT Aboriginal Affairs Minister Selena Uibo, Member for Arnhem

“In the heat, even a small dog can need as much as two litres of water a day. Water is so important for dog lovers to remember and provide,” said Minister Uibo.

“Our vets assist with animal management in some of the driest regions,” added AMRRIC CEO Dr. Brooke Rankmore. “So this message is particularly important at this time of year when there’s not usually as much water around. 

Our work and our message is for all of Australia, but we’re proud to have been founded—and to be based—in the Northern Territory,” said Dr. Rankmore.

The production of Water Your Dogs was assisted by Kakadu National Park and donated by Darrel Trueman and Steve Archer of Extended Media in Darwin. 

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MEDIA RELEASE, 31st October 2019

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