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The Pet Diaries app for busy pet owners

The Pet Diaries reveals the secret to a good life balance and happy pets, including the family goat! 

Balancing the demands of a busy life is not an easy task and can lead to chronic stress and long-term health problems. Good news is that pets can help their owners achieve a good life balance and in return, be happier themselves!

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month in October and The Pet Diaries is encouraging pet owners to have a good life balance by making time for their pet. 

The Pet Diaries is a free app that helps pet lovers manage and track their fur babies’ wellbeing, from exercise and nutrition to appointments, events and more.

"We encourage pet owners to have a healthy life balance not just for their own health and well-being, but also for their companion animals, whether it be their dog, cat, bird or family goat,” said Stacey Gadway, the new CEO of The Pet Diaries

“Research has unleashed many health and social benefits to owning pets
¹, including improving work life balance by enhancing our social life, helping to reduce stress, providing physical exercise, enhancing family bonding and promoting creativity,” said Stacey.

“Having a pet that we care for makes us feel wanted and needed and takes the focus away from our day-to-day life issues. And the more we spend time with our pet, the more relaxed we are the happier they are! Because a happy pet is a happy life!”

How can we simplify your pet’s life and yours?

The Pet Diaries app helps to simplify your pet's life in this time poor society by recording and graphing information, such as vaccinations, surgeries, allergies, accidents, weight, growth and much more.

It can also effectively track multiple pets and being developed to include different species, such as birds, rabbits/guinea pigs, reptiles, horses and even pet farm animals like sheep, goats and chickens!

The app provides busy pet parents (particularly owners of multiple animals) peace of mind as it helps them stay organised and on track with routine healthcare treatments, vet and grooming appointments, feeding schedules and even social schedule!

You’re not the only one who has play dates! Making time for your pet leads to a healthy life balance for owners. The Pet Diaries alerts you to your dog’s next flea and tick treatment to help protect your fur baby.

Older pets also require a little extra love and care, and The Pet Diaries can help you provide that, said Stacey.

“The app is not just a time saving tool but can also help to save your pet’s life,” she said. “Having the correct information (what was that allergy?) and history about your pet easily on hand makes a vet’s ability to treat your furry friend far more effective and efficient!”

The app also features an in-built alert function linked to the user’s smartphone calendar!

And when you feel like shopping for your fur baby, check out The Pet Diary’s Marketplace for special offers from retail partners, such as Bark Butter, Oh Crap Poop Bags, FleaMail and

"It takes a village to care for your pet. That's why at The Pet Diaries we have a growing list of partners with exclusive discounts to help you care for your pet,” said Stacey.

For more information about The Pet Diaries, visit

¹ Animal Medicines Australia, Pet Ownership in Australia 2016 Report.

About The Pet Diaries

The Pet Diaries is a free and easy-to-use app that helps pet parents manage their fur babies' well-being by tracking their exercise, feed, weight, medical, appointments and memories ... all in one safe place! Since its first download in 2018, The Pet Diaries app has been further developed and fine-tuned by its new owner Stacey Gadway and unleashed in 2019 with great anticipation from pet parents and businesses alike.

Not only does The Pet Diaries app record and graph vaccinations, surgeries, allergies, accidents, growth and more, it also features an in-built alert function linked to the user’s smartphone calendar! Say goodbye to pen, paper and kitchen calendars to keep track of your pets!

Available to download in both iOS and Android format via App Store and Google Play. To find out more, please visit

MEDIA RELEASE, 23rd October 2019

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