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PETstock Microchip Blitz 2019 - Oct 19-20

Nationwide blitz to keep Aussie pets out of shelters for just $10 

On Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October 2019, PETstock’s charity arm, PETstock Assist, will host its fourth annual microchipping initiative, providing heavily discounted microchipping services across the country.

The purpose of the initiative is to encourage responsible pet ownership in an effort to break the cycle of pets needing to find homes.

The simple and affordable procedure can greatly assist in the quick and safe return of lost pets; reducing stress for owners and reducing the burden on pounds and animal rescue groups.

The $10 flat rate, which is a fraction of the usual price of $80, aims to encourage more pet owners to get their pets microchipped to keep them out of pounds, where it is estimated up to 200,000 pets are euthanised every year in Australia[1].

The initiative has seen a reduced number of pets being brought in for the procedure each year, suggesting fewer Aussie pets remain non-microchipped.

PETstock Assist Charity and Events Coordinator, Jess Guilfoyle, says in 2016 and 2017, 8,210 and 6,566 animals were presented for microchipping respectively.

“In 2018, we were pleased to see that number further reduced to 4,200 and hope to see the number of pets in need of microchipping decrease again this year,” she says.

Microchipping is mandatory in most states; however, thousands of pets still remain non- microchipped despite the introduction of new laws.

“Whether due to the usual cost of microchipping, lack of awareness on the laws, or owners not understanding how crucial microchips are to the safe return of lost pets.

“In South Australia alone, only 6% of all cats that came into the RSPCA in 2017 were microchipped[2], making owner and pet reunions all the more difficult.

“If you haven’t had your pet microchipped, this is a fantastic opportunity to book an appointment at your local PETstock store to ensure your pet’s safety, should they ever get lost.”

National Project Manager for the PETstock Assist Microchip Blitz, Christine Robertson, says the panic of losing a pet can be heartbreaking for pet owners as well as a traumatic experience for the lost animal.

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“The Microchip Blitz aims to offer peace of mind for pet owners while reducing strain on rescue groups, who are often already understaffed and underfunded.”

Pet owners are encouraged to make an appointment online for their local PETstock store once appointment times are released in October. Owners can bring in dogs, cats and small animals including rabbits and guinea pigs. Unfortunately, horses, livestock, birds and reptiles will not be eligible. 
When: Saturday 19th October - Sunday 20th October 2019

Where: Participating PETstock stores across Australia

Cost: $10 per pet (by appointment only)

Pet parents can book at time slot at their local participating store
during October. Times will vary from store to store. 

Why Microchip?

1. Once in place microchips are permanent, meaning unlike an ID tag that can fall off, your pet will always be able to be identified with their chip.

2. Microchips are safe, around the size of a grain of rice and won’t cause any discomfort once inserted. The once-off procedure of microchipping is much like a vaccination for pets.

3. Microchips can provide certainty on pet ownership. In the case of your pet being found and kept by someone else, microchips provide official documentation of the pet’s rightful owner.

4. By keeping contact details up-to-date, microchipping provides pet parents the best chance at being reunited with a lost pet.

MEDIA RELEASE, 1st October 2019

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