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All Paws on Deck to support Pound Paws

This year, Sydney Boat Hire and Pound Paws have come together to run the All Paws on Deck campaign in the lead up to Summer and encourage pet owners to bring their dogs on board for a barkin’ good time!

Recently a group of dog influencers, @fendi_gomboc, @coco_the_peekapoo and @good_boy_chip experienced all of the fun on a cruise with their pawrents on Sydney Harbour, whilst supporting Pound Paws charity.

For every dog that comes on board between the months of August-November, Sydney Boat Hire will donate $25 to Pound Paws, an Australian charity that focuses on raising awareness about pet adoption, as well as assisting rescue centres and pounds with the overall re-homing process.

"We are all avid animal lovers so we are looking forward to helping raise awareness about pet adoption through this fun activation that we hope to get the whole community on board with." - Dan, Director of Sydney Boat Hire.

Sydney Boat Hire provides its customers with an unforgettable way of experiencing Sydney’s beautiful harbour on their self drive and chartered vessels. Their team are passionate about being actively involved with and giving back to our community.

Safety comes first for the dogs with a special dog lifeguard jacket for each dog to wear on board. You are also welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks on board or have catering organised by their team.

Special envoy Brittany Bloomer – Founder of Pound Paws interviewed Coco and Fendi to find out what made their tails wag on board the vessel. 

How did you find your experience on board Sydney Boat Hire? 

Coco: I had such a fantastic time on the boat. I enjoyed putting my paws up on the seat and smelling the air while we were in the harbour. It’s definitely a fun outing and I loved how my hoomans could bring me on the boat.

You are often very busy attending fun Doggy Social Events, how did you find this unique activity?

Coco: I love seeing my fur friends ends and I found it pretty pawsome that they're dog-friendly and could spend time with my friends on the boat sailing the harbour.

We saw you got quite close to the Harbour Bridge/Opera House, how was this experience?

Coco: It was so magical, I could see all the hoomans walking the steps of the Opera House, that’s how close we got! Not many pups can say they have experienced what I did.

From the moment you came on board, what was the experience like?

Coco: It was my very first time on the boat so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but my experience on the pontoon exceeded my expectations. I got to wear my very own life jacket and felt totally safe. I enjoyed sitting upright on the chair and watching the boats pass us by, we even saw the Police doing random breath tests. I got to take photos in front of the harbour bridge and the Opera House (how cool is that). My uncle Chris also let me drive the boat which was super fun.

Any last words Coco?

I would highly recommend Sydney Boat Hire, I think it’s pretty pawsome how dog-friendly they are and the boat was the perfect size for our group. The SBH team were so helpful and they even helped us into the boat. 

I think it’s very generous of SBH to donate $25 for every booking made until 13 November 2019 to Pound Paws. It's a wonderful charity and we love that they are receiving this support. We had a enjoyable time in the harbour and look forward to doing it again soon. 

What was it like to drive the boat, Fendi ? I believe your daddy had to take over?

Fendi: My Dad and I are best friends, both of us love our adventures and we do everything together. It was smooth sailing till the waves came through and daddy had to take over because my maid was a bit scared. 

My dad gave me directions and checked for traffic and any big ferries coming by. But the rest of the time I drove the boat!

Have you ever been on a boat with your doggie friends before?

Fendi: It was my first time on a boat with my fur friends. But let me assure you it’s not going to be the last time. We are already planning for another boat trip although Dad and I have decided to leave the maid at home.

Would you recommend going on Sydney Boat Hire to your friends?

Fendi: Definitely recommend every doggy friend to go on a boat. Maybe we could even have a doggy birthday party there? That would be fun!

Was it your first time around water, how did you react?

Fendi: I’m a pretty chilled dog and I’m not scared of anything. It was just like another great day out with my pawrents, just on the water with great views. I was cool, calm and collected because as you know I was the captain on board. Ahoy!

How would you describe your overall experience?

Fendi: Sydney Boat Hire people were so generous to let us go on board firstly. I love how they were very punctual and gave my dad a full rundown on how things worked. And the fact that they're helping raise awareness for less fortunate doggos is just the cherry on top. 

Every pup needs to take their pawrents out on a boat. We will definitely be doing it again. 
We highly recommend SBH and thank them for making this an amazing experience for us. 

What: All Paws On Deck Campaign

When: from August until November 13, 2019
For every dog that comes on board, Sydney Boat Hire will donate $25 to Pound Paws charity. 

To make an online booking, please visit

Don’t forget to mention Pound Paws, so they can include dog life jackets for your pooches!

About Pound Paws Charity

Pound Paws provides a modern approach to the overall adoption process, furthermore reducing the amount of pets that end up on death row each year. Their aim is to educate the Australian public about the importance of pet adoption, aid rescue centres and pounds across Australia, as well as streamline the whole adoption process, via their online search engine.

Pound Paws also hosts Dog Day events and have been running for over four years around Australia. The events that Pound Paws organise are 100% charity fundraising events, as a way to not only raise awareness about pet adoption to local communities, but celebrate the wonderful companionship which we share with our pet.

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