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Certified Organic Dog Treats & Supplements

Award-Winning Pet Products that are Plant-Based, Organic, and Allergen-Free 

Pawsome Organics is an Australian-based company manufacturing plant-based dog treats and supplements. Developed by an animal nutritionist, all products are certified organic, made locally in Australia, and feature a wide variety of beneficial ingredients, excluding any fillers and genetically-modified ingredients.

The company was born out of a personal experience with the founders’ dog named Fred. After undergoing a second cruciate ligament surgery within a ten-month time frame, Fred struggled transferring the appropriate amount of weight on the leg that had been operated on, thus seeing a delay in the healing process. In addition to this, Fred experienced early signs of canine arthritis in his hips.

After four tough weeks without any progress, the owners began looking at natural options that didn’t have to include potentially hazardous pain killers and other medications that would cage Fred in for life. 

Upon discovering turmeric, more specifically golden paste (mixture of turmeric, coconut oil and black pepper to aid with absorption), the owners began providing Fred with therapeutic doses of the ancient Indian remedy. Within a week, Fred began walking on all fours again.

Enter Pawsome Organics. After much research into the ideal diet for dogs and stumbling upon the poor ingredients commercially available kibble and treats actually contained, Fred’s owners decided against. They began baking their own natural dog treats and food, including golden paste ingredients.

To ensure Pawsome Organics’ treats contain only the highest quality ingredients required by our canine friends, all products have been approved and specially formulated by a certified animal nutritionist.

The Pawsome Organics line of treats currently includes the following flavours, each available in a 250g pack: 

✔️ Pumpkin and Turmeric
✔️ Banana and Hemp 
✔️ Coconut and Kale and 
✔️ Hemp and Rosemary (grain-free)

The company has recently been awarded “Product of the Year” by the 2019 Australian Cannabis Awards for their hemp products, which include different treat variations as well as hemp oils and “nectars.” 

These assist in promoting a
healthy immune system and heart, joint, and cardiovascular health, and include beneficial ingredients such as turmeric, seaweed, and chlorophyll. Due to their success up-to-date, the team is also excited to introduce a new line of products including hemp leads and collars for both dogs and cats

Creating and distributing environmentally friendly products are a huge part of this small business. They aspire to become 100% sustainable and are doing their best to minimise their organic footprint.

Pawsome Organics is currently distributing through Allpet (WA) and is looking to expand further into the Australian market. The company is excited to begin partnering with select health food distributors

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MEDIA RELEASE, 3rd September 2019

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