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Technyflex Canine Powder Joint Supplement for Dogs - Review

Technyflex® Canine‎ is a musculo-skeletal analgesic (pain reliever) for the treatment of sore and inflamed joints, poor movement or lameness common in senior dogs suffering from canine arthritis, joint injuries or disorders. 

Our senior dog Conner did not manifest (to our untrained eye) any signs of arthritic symptoms until he reached 11.5 years, but last winter it certainly hit him hard. When your ageing dog suddenly refuses to get up in the morning, finds it hard to sit, climb up the stairs or no longer wants to cuddle on the couch, you know that something is drastically wrong… 

In hindsight, we almost certainly overdid our games of fetch when he was a young pup (the recommendation is no more than 5 min a day so please only use age appropriate exercises with your dogs) but as a first time dog owner, we did not know any better … We were also unaware that adding some supplements earlier in life as part of our dog’s healthcare routine may have assisted him in the prevention of unnecessary wear and tear.

Assessing Canine Arthritis and Poor Joint Condition 

If like us, you missed out on the prevention stage, the main signs of your dog presenting with joint mobility issues are: 

✔️ Uncomfortable to get up from a lay down position
✔️ “Jerky” movements 
✔️ Stiffness 
✔️ Lagging behind or limping when walking 
✔️ Reduced playful behaviour

Over the past 12 months, we noticed all of the above as well as seeing Conner's hind legs give way under him on a number of occasions. When the only access to our backyard is through steep flights of stairs, this is a major concern and it was time to look for some help!

What is in Technyflex® Canine? 

This highly nutritional supplement contains 100% premium Green-Lipped Mussel powder (only high-quality mussel meat is used and no shell). As this product is derived from seafood, if your dog suffers from a shellfish allergy, please do not feed it to your dog.

This natural whole food which is high in Omega 3s also contains GAGs (Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphates) and Proteoglycans as well as natural vitamins and minerals. It is veterinary registered for your peace of mind.
Technyflex® Canine is available in 100g and 200g powder tubs as well as 500mg capsules (80 or 240 packs).

Knowing how hard (= impossible) it is to get any pills down with Conner, the most logical option for our trial was the powder which can be easily added to his food (we always add water to soak his kibble when eating dry food so there's no chance of him leaving any powder in his bowl but it certainly was a lot easier when we fed him raw meals).

Our Experience with Technyflex® Canine

We first started trialling the Technyflex® Canine Powder
 in early June for about a week but as we were also reviewing a raw dog food, we decided it was best to keep these trials separate to gauge the effects of each product in real conditions. So our trial resumed properly from early July, this time following the guidelines to the letter. 

The recommendation is to start with a loading dose 
for the first 10 days (3 level scoops* for our 30kg dog) and then reduce to a maintenance dose (2 level scoops) daily. 
* this is based on our dog's weight (25-40kg) and it is essential that you use the correct dose for the size of your own dog. 

It is important to note that some dogs may require a higher dose for a number of reasons:
  • Heavier breeds
  • Severe joint disease beyond general arthritis
  • Dogs exposed to strenuous exercise (e.g. working dogs, long distance runners)
  • Post-surgical joint analgesia
Over time and once you noticed that symptoms are under control, the dosage may be reduced to the lowest effective daily dose.
Our first impression was that green-lipped mussels have a very strong smell so no wonder our dogs were so interested when we first cracked the seal open.

Our Verdict

Honestly we did not see a lot of improvement after the first 7 days but this was the the middle of winter and early morning temps of 2-3 degrees made it more difficult for Conner to get up and move around. 

An unexpected warm spell in late July meant we were able to spend a bit more time walking him or kicking a footie ball (for a short period) in the backyard and two weeks into our trial, he starting showing signs of improvement

Another two weeks later, we haven't seen him collapsing or developing a limp after only 5 minutes of playing fetch so this is encouraging… 

We also noticed jumping up on the bed at night appeared to be a lot easier for him and he came up a few times to lie on our lap on the couch in the evenings whilst he had pretty much given up on doing that, preferring to lie at our feet. 

He’s also bringing back a tug toy unprompted to play every night which we hadn’t seen him do for some time so Technyflex® Canine appears to also have had a positive effect on his overall energy levels

Our first 100g powder tub being nearly finished, we had to decide whether to give this another go or try something else to help Conner? 

We decided to purchase a second one to give this product an ongoing lengthier trial (a full 2 months) and truly ascertain its benefits so stay tuned as we will keep you updated over the next few weeks with any changes. 

We all noticed there is an increasing number of weird and wonderful supplements marketed at concerned pet parents trying to give their senior dogs a better quality of life.

Some have been around a long time and undergone clinical trials, others are relying on marketing hype and big budgets but finding the right one shouldn't be a matter of "faith"! We are sceptics by nature so we would naturally favour products that have been tried and tested clinically (Technyflex® is a veterinary medicine that is fully approved by the APVMA) even if we try to keep an open mind. 

Please note: Technyflex® is not a synthetic product and it's not a drug. It has no known adverse side effects and it can be taken in conjunction with other medications. But if your dog's symptoms have not been properly assessed by your vet, a proper health and wellness check is the best place to start. If your dog suffers from allergies to shellfish or other products, please seek advice from your vet.

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $60.00 (100g Technyflex® Canine Powder); $39.95 (80 Technyflex® Canine Capsules) from

Disclaimer: a 100g tub of Technyflex® Canine Powder was provided to us by Comvet to complete our review but we also purchased our own to measure more long-lasting effects.

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