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Macquarie Bank donates to support rescue Greyhounds

Mac Bank funds food, meds and kennel rent for rescue Greyhounds

Macquarie Group employee James Amor has donated $10,000 to Greyhound Rescue (GR) and his workplace matched this gift as part of its staff matching policy.

Under this system, Macquarie may match staff donations up to a total of $50,000 per year for charities endorsed by the Australian Tax Office. Both one-off and payroll-deducted donations may be matched, as well as money raised through fundraising activities organised by staff.

James, an Operational Risk Director with Macquarie, said he decided to donate to Greyhound Rescue because it was a charity where he could really make a difference.

“I’ve always had a passion for animal welfare, stemming from a deep personal connection to the suffering of all creatures, especially those that are unable to help themselves. The racing Greyhound sadly falls into this category,” he said.

James is also a die-hard dog lover and was interested in the plight of the racing Greyhound, so when a friend sent him a link to Greyhound Rescue’s website, he did his due diligence. 

To learn more , here's a two-minute video about Greyhound Rescue and what they do:

“After some research, I quickly came to realise Greyhound Rescue does an amazing job with limited resources and so my donation could make a real difference,” he said.

James said he hasn’t adopted a Greyhound, but would love to do so: “I have a wife, two kids and a dog all living in an apartment, so I’m not sure we can squeeze in a Greyhound permanently. I’m considering being a foster carer to see if we could make it work.”

Fostering allows potential adopters to see if a greyhound is a good match for their lifestyle. Foster carers introduce greyhounds to life as a pet while the dog waits for a permanent home. 
To learn more about fostering, please visit:

Greyhound Rescue (GR) chair, Nat Panzarino, said donours like James and workplaces like Macquarie make a huge difference. “When donors like James emerge, it’s really a watershed moment for us. We receive no official support but instead rely on fundraising and donations, so it makes a huge difference,” she said.

“We provide medical care and food for our Greyhounds, as well as their toys, bowls, treats, collars and leashes. The price tag to care for a dog being at our rented kennels can really add up quickly.”

Nat said there were more than 35 Greyhounds needing adoption or foster care due to the charity’s kennels near Camden being full. 
To see all the dogs available for adoption, please visit: 

“Because we’re a no-kill charity, we even have some hounds which have been waiting over a year for a home, with boys often overlooked as they’re a bit bigger,” she said.
Zephyr is one of those boys who has been at the kennels since October 2017 and needs to find a home with lots of TLC!

Lead Image: James Amor with rescue Greyhound - photo credit: Jeremy Richman

MEDIA RELEASE, 15th August 2019

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