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Don't 'fur-get' Pet Mums this Mother's Day!

PetCloud says don’t ‘Fur-get’ Pet Mums this Mother's Day!

Australia’s leading pet sitting platform PetCloud is calling for Mother’s Day to include the millions of ‘pet mums’ who care for their fur babies like human babies.

The rise of the fur baby means there are more pets than people in Australia. According to a pet ownership report[1], Australia has one of the highest household rates of pet ownership in the world at 62 per cent, with 38 per cent of households home to at least one dog.

“That’s a lot of pet parents and we’d love to see them celebrated for providing their fur baby with a loving home,” says Deb Morrison, owner of PetCloud - Australia’s Airbnb of pet services.

As a proud ‘mum’ to Milly the Cavoodle, Deb says ‘pet mums’ love and care for their fur babies like humans so it’s a no-brainer to include pet owners in our national celebration of motherly figures.

“Australia is home to millions of ‘pet mums’ who, like their human counterparts, have spent countless hours caring for, playing with, feeding, nursing and loving their fur babies,” Deb says.

“By factoring in other ‘mums’, it also expands the scope of Mother’s Day to include anyone who doesn’t have a good relationship with their mum, has lost their mum, doesn’t have a mum, is trying to become a mum or was a mum. We believe pets are family, so we think the special relationship that ‘’pet mums’ have with their fur baby is worth honouring and celebrating.”

Industry research found that an increasing number of households (65 per cent in 2016 vs 59 per cent in 2013) regard their dog as part of the family[1], citing this as the animal’s main role in the household over companionship, security or something fun for children to play with.

Deb says she will take a moment to ‘paws’ to enjoy extra kisses and cuddles from Milly this Sunday and encourages all ‘pet mums’ to do the same.

For any ‘pet mums’ who are being spoiled with travel this Mother’s Day and want to ensure their fur babies are being looked after while they’re away, PetCloud is an RSPCA Queensland-backed platform which provides trusted pet sitting services across Australia.


About PetCloud

PetCloud is Australia’s leading pet sitting service. Like Airbnb for pets, the Australian owned and run company offers a safe, convenient and affordable way for pet owners to find someone to look after their pet while they’re away. Services range from pet sitting to dog walking and even pet taxis. The platform is part owned by RSPCA Queensland with the RSPCA’s National Call Centre running PetCloud’s Customer Support. Guided by experts and industry leaders, PetCloud is Australia’s most trusted and reliable pet sitting platform. PetCloud is a social impact organisation, which plays a positive role in helping to change the lives of pets and people in Australia. 

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MEDIA RELEASE, 7th May 2019

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