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Paw Packs Complete Dog Lifestyle Subscription Box

In Australia, 38% of households own a dog. They are a part of our families and bring us tremendous amounts of joy each and every day with their unconditional love.

Founders Andrew and Eddie created Paw Packs for two reasons: for their love of dogs and for the desire to allow dog-owners everywhere to keep their dogs as happy and healthy as possible whilst offering incredible convenience.

The premise of Paw Packs is simple - they pack and ship a big box full of dog food, dog treats and entertainment right to your doorstep, so that you don't have to lift a finger. 
There are additional savings to be had with recurring deliveries over 3-month and 6-month periods as well.

The Value of Convenience

In today’s world, convenience is king - we have everything on demand. Our transportation, our movies and even our shopping come at the tap of a button. But where do our furry friends fit in? That’s where Paw Packs comes in.

They take all the stress and effort out of looking after your dog by providing them with a personalised box of food, treats and entertainment delivered right to your door. Their boxes make sure that no matter what size or breed your dog is, they have what they need to be happy and healthy.

Ever gone to feed your dog and realised you have little to no food left? A lot of dog owners will be familiar with this situation – in a world where we are becoming increasingly time-poor, our dogs should still be able to have constant access to high-quality foods and treats. Emergency trips to the supermarket or pet store can become a thing of the past.

So, what’s in the Paw Packs Lifestyle Subscription Box?

They believe in providing our best friends with high-quality foods and treats that are made with only the good stuff – that’s why they have hand-selected a range of premium brands of food and treats for each Pack.

Each month, your dog’s Paw Pack will contain:
  • Premium dry food - choosing from brands like BlackHawk, SavourLife, Ivory Coat, Billy & Margot and Hill's Science Diet.
  • Option wet food to supplement their diet - choosing from brands like BlackHawk’s grain-free range, Ivory Coat and Billy & Margot.
  • A snack pack full of assorted healthy treats - including treats powered by BlackDog.
  • A brand new toy or alternative delicious entertainment ready to be played with. 

New subscribers also get two free gifts in their first Pack as a way to say thanks. You could try the once-off box or select the 3-month or 6-month subscription option to save.

Why Dog Treats?

Treats are a way to reward your dog - in the case of dental treats, they can even be used to promote clean teeth and fresh breath.

The Paw Packs team hand-selects an assortment of dental, natural and reward-based treats for your dog - these make up the Paw Packs Snack Pack, which is included in your subscription and 
powered by BlackDog.

Why Dog Toys?

Dogs love toys. Plain and simple. They help them to burn energy, get some mental stimulation in their day, gain independence and also just to have fun.

Recent studies have shown that dogs prefer playing with unfamiliar objects over something they know - that's why we include a new toy every month in each Paw Pack

If your dog isn’t a fan of toys, that’s not an issue. When you checkout, you can customise your entertainment option to suit your dog’s needs – if it’s a power chewer, opt for a tougher toy. If it prefers things like bones or pig ears, we can cater for that too...

Personalised for each Dog

The unique checkout system ensures that each Pack can be personalised for your dog. The team wants to know all about their preferences so the pack can be catered to them.

Each Paw Pack is even individually addressed to your dog! 

New options now include Birthday Box, Puppy Pack or Entertainment Pack.

Where to Buy?

RRP: from $57.95 (Birthday Box) or from $59.95 (Subscription Box) 

All new members using the coupon code PACKS10 will get $10 off their first Pack!

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MEDIA RELEASE, last updated 10th July 2019

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