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New 'Caution Leash' for Nervous Dogs

For dog lovers needing a lead that sends a crystal-clear message, ‘don’t be an idiot around my anxious dog,’ a new product, the Caution Leash is now available. 

Estimates are that forty percent [1] of all dogs have anxiety issues with symptoms ranging from aggression, excessive barking and growling or exhibiting signs of fear.

Anyone who’s walked a dog with difficult behaviours knows the situation all too well.  
You can say ‘don’t come near’ and hold your dog close on the lead but too often this is ignored.

Covered with hazard lines, black and yellow diagonal stripes, Caution Leads are instantly recognisable and send a simple and highly visible message to pedestrians that they need to be safe around your dog. 

“I was walking Ceba and warned a woman with an unleashed dog to keep him away. She replied ‘Oh, they’ll work it out!’... 

When my foster Ceba snarled, she was horrified and stormed off,” said Mary Banfield, Founder of Cautionary Tails

“That was the day I went home and painted diagonal yellow lines over my black dog lead.” 

Today in Australia over 66,000 dogs [2] are being re-homed each year mainly through shelters, many of whom have had some trauma in their lives.

"Until the community adapts its behaviour and recognises that a dog on a leash needs to be protected from unwanted attention, it’s up to us as responsible dog owners to send clear messages for the safety of everyone." added Mary Banfield.

The 'Caution Leash' reduces the stress of walking anxious mutts and dogs with the grumps!
Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $7.50 (+ postage) available at  

Find them on Facebook at or
Instagram at

Trade enquiries from resellers / distributors are welcome.

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