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Lyka Pet Food Competition to find Australia’s most #Lykable Dog

Lyka Pet Food launched today their first ever search for Australia’s most #Lykable dog which is a photo contest.

The competition is to be held nationwide, showcasing the unique personalities and connections owners have to our nation's most loved furry friends and hosting a separate category of adoptable pets from shelters and rescue centres nationwide, including Rescue Pets Australia and Dog Adoption Australia

Aussies are a known nation of pet lovers, with 38 percent of households taking ownership of the 4.8 million pet dogs in Australia. While pet owners spend a whopping $12.2 billion on taking care of their pets, other owners are unable to keep up their pet care responsibility, leaving more than 130,000 pets homeless every year.

Lyka hope to help increase dog adoptions through the competition, helping would-be owners fall in love through the Instagram posts, and reach out to adopt a pet of their own. The journeys of four of these dogs will be followed throughout the campaign to raise awareness of the adoption process. 

27-year old Lyka founder and CEO Anna Podolsky says “Australians see their pets as as part of their family - so we wanted to create a way to showcase the unique personality traits of individual dogs with the nation, in the hope that we help find homes for lovable shelter pups along the way!”

The contest, open to ages 18 and above, will accept submissions from March 19 until April 22, 2019 (11:59pm). Voting is open to the public and will determine the competition finalists. The top 25 finalists will be evaluated by a panel of judges to find a winner.

One winner and 4 runners up will be announced during May 2019, on the Lyka website

The winner of the competition will be crowned Australia’s Most Lykable 2019 and win a year of free Lyka pet food for their winning pet.

Runners up will win prizes including a one-month Lyka subscription plus pet apparel. View entry guidelines by visiting
@lykapetfood on Instagram.

About Lyka Pet Food

Lyka Pet Food Pty Ltd is a human grade pet food subscription company that was founded in July 2018 by passionate animal lover and dog owner, Anna Podolsky.

In 2015, when Anna’s border collie cross Lyka was only 5 years old, she was losing fur, getting bald patches, itching with allergies, low on energy and had tooth decay bad enough for a vet to recommend tooth removal. Anna switched Lyka’s diet from premium brands of commercial pet food to a human-grade pet food diet.

Within months, all of her issues subsided, and Lyka was back to her happy, healthy self. Anna believes all dogs have the right to a real food diet - and founded Lyka in 2018, to provide just that.

As Lyka’s founder and CEO, Anna’s mission for Lyka is to redefine pet food by disrupting an industry that hasn’t seen innovation in decades. Each serving is tailored to the individual dog’s needs, through the use of clever algorithms designed in conjunction with vets and pet nutritionists.

Lyka sources locally produced, farm fresh ingredients, that are prepared at a low temperature in their human-grade kitchen and delivered to customers’ doorsteps in four days or less.

MEDIA RELEASE, 19th March 2019

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