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3 Million Dog Poop Bags saved from landfill by Oh Crap

Oh Crap - Changing the world one poop at a time!

Geelong, Victoria: The team at Oh Crap are celebrating, and with good reason! Oh Crap, the startup aiming at changing the face of waste, have saved an incredible 3 million plastic dog poop bags from landfill! 

Oh Crap’s dog poop bags, made from cornstarch, are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. They’re designed to contain the 1.2 tonnes (1,200kgs) of waste produced every day by more than three million Australian dogs. Up to 4% of landfill is poop, in the ground in plastic bags that will take 1,000 years to break down. In comparison, Oh Crap’s corn starch bags are gone in three months
Here’s what the team at Oh Crap have to say about the company and their recent milestone:

“We love dogs but we got sick and tired of not being able to do something good for the environment with what they leave behind - even when their owners do the right thing [and pick it up],” explains Oh Crap Marketer Henry Reith. “So we took action. We started a mission to try and reduce the problem one poop at a time!”

“We are over the moon with hitting this milestone!” exclaims Bruce, Oh Crap founder. “Those 3 million plastic bags would still be here in 1000 years. Our Oh Crap bags will be completely gone in just 3 months, saving our earth from a huge amount of harsh plastics - and that is exactly what we set out to do.”

The Scoop on the Poop Bags

  • The bags compost in 3 months, 100%, completely disintegrated!
  • The plastic alternative technology is cornstarch!
  • Oh Crap Dog Poop Bags last for 18 months plus when stored in cool dry conditions. 
  • Oh Crap Compostable Dog Poop Bags start from $12.99 AUD 

So what does the future hold for Oh Crap? 

The future is certainly looking bright for Oh Crap. The range is set to expand with retail-ready options and council dog poop bags, plus smaller bags for smaller pet bums on the horizon. 

This incredible business is looking to go global and move into international markets. Three million plastic bags saved is just the beginning for this global mission! 

About Oh Crap

Oh Crap, founded in 2014, is on a mission to eradicate the 4% of landfill that is dog poop wrapped in plastic bags that will never break down. Oh Crap is “changing the world one poop at a time”, selling single-use compostable dog poop bags that break down & compost in 3 months in landfill to the public, retail and local councils so dog owners across Australia can make sustainable, earth-friendly choices for their dogs & our community as a whole.

MEDIA RELEASE, 26th February 2019

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