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RACV Launches a New Pet Insurance Cover

RACV launches new insurance category: Pet Insurance for Victoria’s most overconfident pets ...

RACV has launched Pet Insurance for the 94 percent of Victorian cats and dogs who are currently uninsured. Our pets like to take risks, always confusing their own ambition with their ability. That’s why RACV has created an all-new pet insurance to cover their overconfidence.

RACV Pet Insurance understands the important role that pets play within the family and the emotional and financial impact that veterinary bills can bring. Providing round the clock cover for dogs and cats allows owners to claim on multiple preventative healthcare treatments and provides cover for up to 80 percent of approved vet costs, assisting cats and dogs to get back on their paws after illness or injury.

RACV General Manager Home Insurance, Stacey Maher, understands that sometimes even the most well-intentioned pets have slip-ups or can find themselves under the weather. 

“Your pet is part of your family, and now they’re part of ours as well. RACV Pet Insurance allows owners to embrace their bravery and boldness because we’ll be there to help take good care of them if they do get into a bit of mischief.”

Working alongside animal hospital, Lort Smith, Dr. Leanne Penfold, Head Vet said she is delighted to have a new pet insurance offer that is both easy and affordable for pet owners. 

“Every year Lort Smith provides veterinary care to thousands of pets and most owners do not have pet insurance. In some instances, pet owners are put in a situation where the financial burden impacts the outcome of the care that they are able to select for their pets.

“We are excited to see a trusted brand like RACV release an easily accessible and reliable pet insurance cover. We encourage Victorian animal owners to purchase pet insurance so that they are covered when their pet needs medical attention,” said Dr. Leanne.

RACV Pet Insurance provides cover for pet’s overconfidence by offering up to 80 percent on approved vet costs, up to $1,000 in emergency boarding, a multi-pet discount, up to 80 percent of vet euthanasia costs and claims up to $12,000 per year for illness and injury costs during the period of insurance.

The new product from RACV also includes the option to apply for a pre-existing condition waiver and offers different excess payment plans.

For more information or to sign up to RACV Pet Insurance, cover for their overconfidence, please visit

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MEDIA RELEASE, 29th January 2019

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