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FurFresh Freeze Dried Dog & Cat Treats

Sydney-based FurFresh launches four brand new freeze dried treats for dogs and cats just in time for Christmas!

They are all single protein ingredient treats, meaning that there is nothing other than beautiful healthy proteins such as Australian Chicken Breast, Australian Whole Sardines, Australian Whole Salmon Bellies and from our friends over the ditch, NZ Green Lipped Mussels.

These last ones are are so huge that they look like pillowy marshmallows (only, they're healthy)! 

FurFresh founder Emma Martin-Fisher explained that "to complement their best selling air dried Barkaroo Kangaroo Jerky, she's chosen a freeze-drying method for these new treats. 

Freeze drying works by flash-freezing the food at ultra low temperatures and then completely removing moisture through a vacuum process. The integrity of the food remains and it's naturally preserved in its raw state. No other ingredient or process is necessary.

The texture of freeze dried treats is something to get your head around, especially these new ones. 

Unlike some other freeze dried treats which use ground then reconstituted ingredients, mine are the whole piece of chicken, or whole fish, left in its untouched form."

FurFresh is a company on a mission to provide healthy eating alternatives for pets.

Their product range also include meal packs (Raw Dog Food Box), meal boosters (Complete Meal Balancer) and supplements (Grass-Fed Bone Broth) as well as doggie ice-cream treats called Pupsicool™.

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $14.95 for freeze-dried treats (50g to 80g).

For more information, please visit


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