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18 Best Summer Dog Accessories for 2018

Dog and a young girl underwater look at seashell at the bottom of a swimming pool
Summer is here and as pet owners, it is our responsibility to ensure our dogs are kept cool and comfortable on extreme hot days.

When dogs overheat, they sweat a small amount through the pads on their feet but they primarily cool off by panting. When it is extremely hot and humid, panting is not enough for dogs to cool themselves down.  You need to provide alternative cooling methods to ensure your dog can efficiently cool down to avoid heat stress.

Here are some of the latest products on the Australian market to keep your dogs not only cool but also comfortable and stylish this summer!

Is your follically blessed too rock and roll to be wearing boring threads whilst out on their expeditions? Get your best mate a SaltyDOG Life Jacket, which is a must have for canine water safety and buoyancy.

Four Pomeranians on a beach wearing SaltyDOG life jackets in four colours
Packed with features for dogs that love to join their humans in the pool, kayaking, boating, surfing, SUPing or just paddling down at the beach. This premium flotation device features thoughtful details like a strong handle for lifting dogs out of the water and a reflective trim for enhanced visibility.

A natural swimming position is made possible by strategically placed closed cell foam panels and a telescoping neck closure which adjusts for a range of dog sizes. 
Available in 4 colours and 6 sizes (XXS to Medium).

RRP: $40.00-$70.00 at

If you’ve been using a clam shell pool to keep your dogs cool in summer, you know they rarely last more than one season and are very cumbersome.
Border Collie sits in DOOG portable pop-up pool filled with shallow water

This brand new Pop-Up Dog Portable Pool by DOOG is a fantastic concept that can be taken with you on your next camping trip or holidays or even the beach! 

This fantastic outdoor dog pool pops up with a simple flick of a wrist. Best of all, it folds down into a neat little pouch for easy storage at home.

Use it to shampoo your dog or for a quick cool down on those hot summer days.
Available in Small, Medium or Large.

RRP: $59.95 at 

Blue Chilly Penguin Freezer dog toy by PetSafe
The Chilly Penguin Freezer Toy by PetSafe is a treat holding toy with a bowl-shaped cavity for ice and treats. 

Multiple penguins can be stacked on top of one another in the freezer for easy storage before playtime. This toy will extend playtime and act as a fun treat for your dog!

The rounded base lets the toy wobble as your dog plays and licks the ice or treat. 

Available in Small or Medium/Large. 

RRP: $8.99-$14.99 from PetSafe Australia online and leading pet retailers.

Hunter Swimming Tuff Dog Toys Floating Bone Boomerang Frisbee Orbit plus Up and Down
The Swimming Tuff range designed by German company Hunter includes a range of colourful shapes such as the Floating Bone, Floating Boomerang, Floating Frisbee, Floating Orbit and the Up and Down!

The Swimming Tuff toys are made from firm nylon material, which give medium and large dogs lots of fun playing fetch both on land and in water. 

The brightly coloured swimming toys without squeakers can be grabbed by your dog ideally in water, and in the case of the Boomerang and Up & Down Range they always float upright.

RRP: $27.00- $40.00 at 

Fresco Pro Smart pet fountain from Petoneer with blue LED light
Dogs and cats prefer drinking flowing water and with its 2-litre capacity, the super quiet Fresco Pro Smart pet fountain delivers clean filtered water to your entire fur family. 

The 3-stage filtration process effectively filters and removes hair, impurities, odour and chlorine providing cleaner drinking water to your pets reducing the risk of developing illnesses. The innovative design features a built-in LED light that automatically dims at night.

You can monitor and control your “flow” water fountain 24/7 via an app on your phone (you will receive water level alerts). 

RRP: $139.99 
from selected JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman stores and Qantas store.

Modgy Collapsible Dog Bowl in packaging, standing upright and flat

Modgy Expandable and Collapsible Dog bowls are perfect for keeping man’s best friend hydrated at the park or on the road.

Constructed of BPA free plastic, re-usable, easy to re-fill and zip closed, these Modgy Expandable Dog Bowls are mess free and easy to pack up when you’re ready to go.

Each package includes two dog bowls with zip closure so you can always have one with you. 

Available in six funky designs.

RRP: $13.95 at 

Pablo & Co is an upcoming Brisbane designer of dog accessories and they just introduced their own brand of dog rashies!

Cocker Spaniel wears a Pablo & Co Dog Rashie Monstera Leaf design by the pool
Dog Rashies can be a reliable way to protect skin from sun especially if your pup is splashing around in the water or digging around in the dirt, both of which can wear away sunscreen. 

These are great for a day at the beach or by the pool. You can even grab a matching hat to get the entire look!

The rashie is made from soft swimwear material so it’s stretchy, lightweight and quick drying. Designed to block UV rays however additional use of a dog sunscreen is advised if your dog is sensitive to the sun.

Available in a range of designs including Green Monstera Leaf (featured), B-a-n-a-n-a-s BBQ and See Ya Later Alligator.

Available in 6 sizes: from XS to 2XL.

RRP: from $34.95 at

Petkin Doggy Sunstick sunscreen for dogs in packaging
The Petkin dog sunscreen formula is described as comparable to SPF 15 for people, in a gentle, non-greasy formula.

Doggy Sunstick is a stick sunscreen that can be rubbed on anytime your dog is out in the sun, especially on ears, nose, muzzle, pink skin areas and entire coat of light coloured or short-haired dogs. Great to use for cats as well, this non-greasy formula has a pleasant coconut and vanilla scent.

The Doggy Sunstick comes in a 14g tube but alternatively you could get the Doggy Sunwipes (sunscreen wet wipes) or the Doggy Sunmist (pump spray sunscreen).

RRP: $13.95 at

Little dog on the beach wearing More Than Paws Hawaiian Bucket Hat with yellow sunglasses
Is your dog a beach lover? 

This Hawaiian Bucket Hat from More Than Paws comes with its own fun plastic glasses. 

Not just a cool look for summer, this hat also protects your dog's face and nose from the sun. 

An adjustable chin strap ensures it says in place.

Available in three sizes: Medium to Extra Large

RRP: $16.95 at

Chihuahua wears Rex Specs dog sunglasses with front paws on a football
Made in the USA, Rex Specs durable goggles are designed for active and working dogs, with tough interchangeable polycarbonate lenses for protection from the elements and UV rays. 

Some dogs need UV protection as there are a number of eye conditions caused or compounded by exposure to UV rays. 
The polycarbonate material also provides full protection against sticks, branches, debris and dust. 

Adjusted properly, the Rex Specs are stable without restricting your dog’s breathing or ability to pick up toys.

Each pair comes with two lenses: one clear and one smoke. Available in six sizes, six frame colours and six lens colour options. 

RRP: $110 at 

SUNDOGZ portable sun umbrella for dogs on the beach and carry bag

SUNDOGZ is a portable lightweight backpack travel solution designed to shade and protect your dog from the elements. 

It offers a great solution for short-term tethering at the beach with a 360-degree rotation, free of tangles! It also incorporates a removable dual food/water bowl and compartment to secure your valuables.

It works on multi-terrain surfaces making it ideal for beach activities, camping and hiking, road trips, attending events or just relaxing outdoors with your dogs.

SUNDOGZ is a designed for the average size pet dog but to be safe, it has been tested on a 140kg miniature horse!

RRP: $269.00* at
* this introductory price includes free shipping in Australia plus 3 gifts (towel not included).

French Bulldog wears a yellow dog cooling vest by Wilko Pet Care

This Dog Cooling Vest by Gold Coast business Wilko Pet Care is made from a soft fabric layer which can be immersed in water, wrung out and placed on your dog to cool them in summer. 

The evaporative cooling technology works by gradually releasing water through evaporation to keep your pet cool, comfortable, and happy.

Simply rehydrate the vest once it becomes dry after several hours. This vest will help keep your dog's body temperature down which reduces stress, panting and overheating.

Available in 4 sizes from Small to X-Large.

RRP: from $44.95 at

Coiled Sailor Jerry dog leash in navy and white by Wolf and I CoThe Wolf & I Co. Sailor Jerry Six Point O Leash is the ultimate water friendly dog lead.

Designed with your dog’s comfort in mind, these premium climbing rope leashes feature extremely lightweight climbing grade rope which doesn’t sag and become heavy when soaking wet.

The locking carabiner is made from aluminium and won’t rust, providing all dog owners with peace of mind.

Wolf & I Co. leashes are built to last and are a great choice for dogs that love to join their hoomans in the great outdoors. 

Simply rinse well with fresh water when you get home and allow to air dry. This will ensure your leash is in top notch condition, ready for your next adventure.

RRP: $49.95 from

Labrador puppy sits in a Mog and Bone Bolster Bed in Hampstons navy and white stripes

Designed in Australia, the Mog & Bone Bolster Bed in Navy Hamptons is the ultimate comfort sleeper for your pup to while away those breezy summer days.
Made from high quality 100% cotton canvas which works more effectively than polyester to regulate your pet's body temperature, and is ideal for pets with sensitive skin.

This designer dog bed has raised sides that make the perfect pet pillow and luxurious fleece so your pooch can nap in style. Simply curl up and chill out. 

Available in two sizes: Small and Large.

RRP: $89.95 - $109.95 - Shop at DOGUE Online

Dog Teepee by PLAY in Moroccan Navy for small pooches
The P.L.A.Y. Pet Teepees are perfect for your pooch to sleep and hide away! 

They have a removable interior pillow which provides comfort for your pooch and is easy to keep clean. They are machine washable and dryer friendly.
Made from 100% cotton canvas, these teepees are lightweight and easy to assemble.

Available in Moroccan NavyMoroccan Marsala, Classic Design and Urban Denim.

Size: 63cm x 63cm, 85cm high. Entrance hole is 27cm.

RRP: $129.95 at

Duke the Airedale Terrier wears Pineapple bow and collar in his clamshell poolIf your pup was a fruit, they'd be a fine-apple in the Pineapple bow, collar and leash combo just like Duke!

This fun, summer look will leave all the pooches at the park staring with envy at your four-legged friend. The collar features a double lock for extra safety and comes in a variety of sizes.

RRP: $22.99 from 

Australian Dog Lover readers receive a 10% discount using the promo code DOGLOVERS10.

Two Furfresh Pupsicools ice-cream for dogs on a kitchen counterIf you’ve attended dog events in Sydney recently, your pooch may have already sampled a yummy Pupsicool™ by FurFresh

Pupsicool™ is a human grade ice cream for dogs which comes in two healthy & delicious flavours: Peanut Butter + Banana and Bone Broth + Barley Grass. Their standard pack includes 2 x Peanut Butter + Banana and 2 x Bone Broth + Barley Grass (4 Pupsicools in total). 

They currently deliver only to suburbs within a 40km radius of Sydney. If you think yours should be added, why not contact them directly or ask your local shop to stock this summer? 

RRP: $12.00 (4 pack mixed) at 

Conner Belgian Tervueren with a glass of L'Barkery Paw Blonde doggie beer

Is your dog looking for something a little different to quench his thirst? Why not try one of these natural dog beverages by L’Barkery?

Your dog will love the all natural beef flavours of the Paw Blonde Doggie Beer with glucosamine for healthy joints! 
If your best friend is more into ‘mocktails’, choose Barkeraide with its fruity flavours of coconut, strawberry and mango and also provides essential electrolytes. 

Drinks come in a powdered form so simply add water and shake! They’re perfect as frozen icy treats but also work sprinkled on food.

RRP: $5.95 (single serve) at

Please keep in mind that these products are not a substitute to common sense which is to keep your dogs inside under the air conditioning or in the shade with plenty of water on extreme hot days. 

 Please note that Australian Dog Lover does not necessarily endorse or recommend any of the commercial products listed in this article and they are listed for informational purposes only.

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