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(Definitely) The Best Dogs of all Time by Jadan Carroll

Since the dawn of time, dogs have been the number one source of joy in this world. This is a book about the very best of them.

Powerful dogs, mythical dogs, heroic dogs, talented dogs, literary dogs, dogs who have changed the course of history, and dogs who have set the internet ablaze.

From the deeply misunderstood Cerberus, the multi-headed hound of Hades, to HachikĊ, Rin Tin Tin, and Duke—the thrice- elected mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota (who is an actual dog).

With words by Jadan Carroll and illustrations by Molly Dyson, (Definitely) The Best Dogs of All Time tells heart-warming, absurd, and informative stories of the most exceptional hounds to have bounded across the earth, their majestic tongues flowing in the breeze, and of the humans who love them.

  • A collection of the most heart-warming, quirky, and informative stories of dogs through the annals of time.
  • Amazing and astounding stories of historical, mythical, and real dogs from around the world.
  • Beautifully illustrated throughout by a Berlin-based Australian artist, Molly Dyson.
  • For dog lovers across the country, this book will remind you of why we love dogs so much.
  • Perfect gift for friends and family, and a great stocking-filler.

Category: Humour, gift 
Hardcover, 112 pages 
Publisher: Scribe Publications, 29 October 2018

RRP: $24.99 available from all good bookstores and online including Booktopia.

MEDIA RELEASE, 29th October 2018

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