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Schnauzerfest Australia Walks - Oct 13 & 14

Schnauzerfest is coming to Australia for 2018!

Schnauzerfest is an annual event, made up of many individual walks all on the same weekend (October 13-14) aiming to bring together Schnauzers, their humans and other canine friends. From small walks to larger ones, each takes place with two aims: Fun and Fundraising.

It began in 2014 in the UK and for the first time this October, there will be walks in each Australian state in partnership with Schnauzerfest UK.

All walks are made possible by hosts who volunteer to organise and lead a walk in their area. Some walks are small gatherings, some are large. However, all walks whatever their size are equally important to Schnauzerfest and every single donation matters, no matter how big or small. 
Since 2014, Schnauzerfest in the UK has raised over $165,000, all of which has gone to small animal rescues. 

For the first time, this year
Schnauzerfest Australia will raise funds for three Australian Schnauzer rescues providing medical treatment and rehabilitating puppy farm dogs:

As well as raising money for rescue dogs, at the heart of
Schnauzerfest is a commitment to raising awareness of the cruel world of puppy farming. 

Schnauzerfest is the creation of British writer Janetta Harvey who adopted Susie-Belle, a Schnauzer who was rescued from a puppy farm. Janetta writes extensively on the puppy industry and all her books are based on her experiences of adopting several dogs from this background.

 “When Susie-Belle came out of the puppy farm, she was in a terrible state,” Janetta said. “I didn’t know a huge amount about puppy farms before I got her, but now I do. She was traumatised and badly damaged by the puppy breeding industry.”

“Although it may not be realised by people new to Schnauzerfest, at the heart of much of the support coming from the Schnauzer community lies Susie-Belle. She was the dog who motivated me to document her journey, make it public, write books and blogs and to keep doing so, year after year so that her suffering, like that of every other dog in a breeding facility, would never be forgotten. 

I’m delighted our Australian partners are going to be enjoying the same excitement that Schnauzerfest creates across the UK every October and Australian dogs like Susie-Belle will benefit from it.” 

When: Saturday 13 - Sunday 14 October, 2018

Where: Geelong, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Ross (TAS) on October 13.

Sydney, Newcastle & Perth on October 14.

You can follow @SchnauzerfestAustralia on Instagram

Janetta Harvey’s site:

Schnauzerfest UK site: 

MEDIA RELEASE, 13th September 2018

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