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Future Vet Kids Camp 2019 Summer Program Launch

Bondi Vet Dr Alex Hynes inspires young future vets to follow their dreams as the countdown to the Future Vet Kids Camp’s 2019 Summer Program begins. 

Future Vet Kids Camp is like watching Bondi Vet – except, you’re in it! Just ask the kids who attended the camp’s 2019 program launch last Friday in Sydney with special guests Bondi Vet Dr Alex Hynes and Dr Gerardo Poli. 

Future Vet Kids Camp is an exciting veterinary-inspired school holiday program that caters to kids aged 9 to 16 years in Sydney during the January school holidays. The launch took place at PetSure’s pet-friendly workplace in Chatswood, where Dr Hynes gave a group of young animal lovers a taste of life as a veterinarian. 

The Queensland vet said: “I’m so excited to be a part of the Future Vet Kids Camp. I grew up surrounded by animals and from an early age my dream was to become a vet, so the idea of a camp to show children what it’s like to be a veterinarian is just brilliant! Plus, I have my own animal-obsessed daughter at home who shares my passion and it makes me so proud when I hear her tell her friends ‘my mum saves animals’.” 
Dr Hynes shared her story, inspiring and educating the young animal lovers about “all the different kinds of animals, what care and protection they need and the types of patients I help every day, to showing them that even the shyest kid can achieve incredible things if they have self belief, work hard and are surrounded by supportive people.”

“Whether or not the kids end up following the path to a vet career, simply being around lots of animals and animal lovers will have such a positive impact on them. Animal interaction develops compassion, empathy and responsibility, as well as improving social skills and self-esteem,” she said.

The kids also watched dog training in action by Jess Standstrom and inspiring videos from Camp graduates who are now in vet school and shared their advice and how they followed their dreams to become a vet!

PetSure are proud to support the Future Vet Kids Camp by providing two scholarships to aspiring vets to attend the camp and the popular excursions that are part of the program,” said Dr Magdoline Awad, PetSure Chief Veterinary Officer. “The veterinary industry is such a wonderful and rewarding space and we are excited to be a part of a program that inspires young animal lovers to pursue their dream of becoming a veterinarian some day.”

What is Future Vet Kids Camp and 2019 Program?

Each year, the camp offers new experiences that inspire kids to return multiple times, said veterinarian and camp director Dr Scott Bainbridge, who appears on Animal Planet’s TV show Animal House Call.

“Future Vet Kids Camp encourages responsible pet ownership, the profession of veterinary medicine and a love and appreciation of animals of all kinds and their habitats,” he said. 

“We love to see the campers get excited about pursuing their dream to work with animals, and then go out with the knowledge and experiences they’ve gained at the camp and start making a difference for pets and people around the world! Camp graduates have already embarked on their educational journey at veterinary school and we look forward to following their successes!” 

The January 2019 schedule is once again packed with fun and educational ‘animal adventures’, excursions and talks by veterinarians, behaviourists and experts from animal rescue, reptile, small animal, canine sports groups and more! Campers will learn about scent detection, stem cell therapy, pet first aid, how to draw blood and suture and much more! 

They will get up close and personal with creepy crawlies, learn about wildlife conservation and animal rescue, and venture behind the scenes at vet hospitals! 

The Summer 2019 Future Vet Kids Camp will run from Jan 7 - 11 and Jan 14 – 18, 2019.
Daily hours: 9:00am to 3:30pm. Cost is $595.

Don’t miss the ‘Early Bird’ discount rate until October 1.
PetSure Scholarship applications are now open, the deadline is November 30.
Bondi Vet Dr Alex Hynes and Dr Gerardo Poli at the Future Vet Kids Camp 2019 Launch

About Future Vet Kids Camp

Future Vet Kids Camp offers a safe, comfortable environment that explores and nurtures the human animal bond all under the supervision of highly qualified, enthusiastic instructors and specialised animal handlers. The goals are to promote responsible pet ownership, the profession of veterinary medicine and to encourage the children to love and appreciate animals of all kind. The camp has more than 20 partners that offer years of specialised animal experience and professionalism that contributes greatly to the programming.

The Camp operates out of Waverley College in Waverley and runs every January for two weeks during the school holidays. Programming is split into three separate age groups running simultaneously each week: Wombats (ages 9 - 11), Kookaburras (ages 12 - 14) and the Junior Vet program (ages 14 - 16).

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