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Aussies Leave Heating on for their Pets!

Hot dog! Leaving the heating on for our pets sees Aussies shell out up to $249 million over winter!

Australian pet owners could be coughing out up to $249 million[1] over the winter months from leaving the heating on for their four-legged friend for hours each day, according to

A nationally representative survey into Australian’s winter heating habits, conducted by the comparison site, found 1 in 10 Australian households are leaving the heating on for hours every day to keep their furry friends cosy and warm while they’re out.

Mozo’s research found pet owners aged between 18 and 24 years old were three times more times likely to leave the heating on for their pets throughout the day compared to those aged between 54 and 65 years old.

“Aussie’s penchant for running the heating for their pets while they’re not at home could be adding up to $263 to their winter energy bill,” says Kirsty Lamont, Mozo Director.

“Ensuring their four-legged friends are comfortable during the wintry months is obviously at the forefront of many Aussie pet owner’s minds energy bills. However, with energy bills already a major household concern and price hikes potentially on the way for residents in some states from July 1, now is the time to act to avoid a big bill bite.”

The good news is that footing a high energy bill isn’t your only option. There are plenty of inexpensive and energy efficient ways to keep your furry friends warm and cosy even on the coldest days this winter. 

“Throwing in an extra blanket, hot water bottle or snuggle disk on those chillier days could go a long way to keeping your pet warm without blowing out your household energy bill,” says Lamont. 

Mozo’s inexpensive ways to keep your pets warm this winter:

  • Make sure you have appropriate bedding which should be at least three inches off the floor to avoid cold drafts. 
  •  If your home is chilly, you can keep your pet warm by throwing in an extra blanket or place under their bedding a hot water bottle or snuggle disk, which is microwaveable and can maintain heat for hours. 

  • Invest in some winter wear for your four-legged friend. Jackets, knitted jumpers and vests can go a long way towards keeping your pets warm and dry in winter – as well as adorable! 
  • Harnessing natural sunlight on those warmer days is a completely free way to keep your furry friend toasty. You might want to move their bedding closer to a window for a more ideal snoozing spot. 
  • If you need to turn the heating on an especially chilly day, see if you can keep the area cordoned off so you’re only heating the rooms you’re pet is using rather than the whole house. 


Mozo compares 1,800 products from 200 banking, insurance and energy providers to help over 300,000 Australians find a better deal each month via its award winning comparison tools and calculators. Mozo is proud to partner with some of the country's biggest online publishers, making it one of the most visited comparison sites in Australia.

[1] Based on an Air Con on heat pump mode (1.5 kWh consumption) running at full power 9 hours a day, 5 days a week for the winter period.

Notes on calculations: Nationally representative survey of 1,000 Australians aged 18 years and above conducted by Pureprofile between 27 February to 6 March 2018. Population and household figures derived from 2024.0 - Census of Population and Housing: Australia Revealed, 2016. 


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