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Bone-A-Fide Dog Shampoo Review

Bath time would have to be at the top of our dogs' list of least favourite things to do, even if we smear some peanut butter around the edges of the bath to ease their pain!

However a week of huge downpours and visits to a muddy backyard meant there was just no avoiding the chore of bathing three dogs and getting soaked in the process.
At least, this time was more fun as we were putting the new range of Australian-made Bone-A-Fide dog shampoos and conditioners through the test.

How did the Bone-A-Fide brand start?

John and Sandra Munro are the owners of Bone-A-Fide Dog Shampoo.

Their Border-Collie, Maggie, was 8 years old and had major problems with constant scratching. 

Despite many trips to the vet and injections to stop her scratching, she wasn't getting any better but no question was ever asked about what grooming products were being used on her.

Disappointed by the performance of a number of US brands, they decided against importing any of them and opted instead to develop their own range of dog shampoos. They set out to source the best high quality ingredients and the best manufacturers and formulators in Australia. 

Five years later, Maggie is a happy dog who no longer has any itches and boasts a coat as soft and shiny as a puppy's!

Introducing the Bone-A-Fide range
Bone-A-Fide 'Puppy + Pamper' Shampoo is enriched with extracts of Nettle which helps provide softening and anti-inflammatory anti-itching astringent and toning effects for your puppy’s coat. It is specifically formulated to cleanse your active puppy, yet is delicate enough for their skin.

The Bone-A-Fide '2 and 1 Dog Shampoo + Conditioner' is enriched with extracts of Calendula which helps provide cleansing detoxifying anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, while nourishing the skin and leaving your dog with a soft manageable coat.

The latest addition is the Bone-A-Fide 'My Clean Dog' Shampoo. This new formula is enriched with Horsetail which helps provide astringent and anti-irritant effects to your dog's coat. At first, this left us scratching our head! Thank goodness horsetail extract has nothing whatsoever to do with actual horses! It is actually extracted from a plant known as Equisetum, also known as snake grass or puzzlegrass.

What is different about the Bone-A-Fide Shampoos? 

  • Non-toxic for dogs and people, specifically formulated to be soothing and moisturising
  • Custom formulated low irritant fragrances especially designed for sensitive canine sniffers. 
  • One size fits all as all the formulas are suitable for big and small dogs and any coat colour; the range is ideal for rough, short or medium length coats. 
  • The range offers signature scents for the perfect finish so you dog smells clean and nice. 
  • Made in Australia in a certified environmentally sustainable facility. 
  • Products are biodegradable and are a concentrated formula, so you use less. 

Our Verdict

A balmy 34 degrees over the long week-end meant this was the perfect day to test out all three formulas on our somewhat reluctant pack as at least they'd be drying out quickly!

The unmistakable look of happiness at bath time!
Probably our first impression was the lack of noticeable fragrance which from a dog's nose perspective is probably a good thing! 

A day later and after a personal sniff test of all three dogs, it is hard to tell which formula is which but  the most lingering note was the 'Extract of Calendula' formula used on our female Malinois Aramis.

All formulas were surprisingly low-sudding and we had to use a little bit more shampoo than expected for all our dogs: 7 or 8 squirts for our short-coated Malinois and more than 10 for our Belgian Tervuren Conner. 

In his defense, he's very hairy and was also in dire need of a scrub as he loves snoozing in the dust under our hedges.
The upside is that these all-in-one shampoos + conditioners are easy to rinse so you don't end up with lots of foam in the bathwater.

We really like the generously sized bottles (450ml) which will last a long time if you don't bathe your dogs too often. The packaging doesn't look out of place in a bathroom and you could mistake these for human products if it weren't for the large "DOG" on the front. Lucky for your guests!

We thought our dogs were left fresh and clean but without any overpowering lingering fragrances so it's a green tick from us!

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $24.95 (450ml) from

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