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12 Car Travel Essentials for your Dogs

Taking your dogs with you on holidays or a week-end away creates special memories and also alleviates the worry of not knowing how they will be coping whilst you’re on the road.

Sadly every year, thousands of pets are injured or killed in car crashes. Whilst some incidents are beyond our control, there are steps you can take to keep your dogs both safe and comfortable whilst travelling in the car.

Here are our top picks of car travel essentials this year...

Protecting your back seat from dog hair, dirt, mud and everything else that your dog brings in, this cover is a practical solution for travelling with your dogs and helps keep your car in tip-top condition! 

The EB EGR Bench Rear Car Seat Cover is constructed with durable quilted polyester “canvas” making it water resistant, washable, and comfortable. 

The superior non-skid features of the Emanuele Bianchi Design Seat Protectors keep them securely anchored to your seats. There are openings in the seat cover where your dog’s seatbelt can be put through to ensure their safety. 

Measuring 132cm (wide) x 122cm (long), this Rear Car Seat Cover also comes in an XL size to accommodate the wider seats of extra-large SUVs.

RRP: $214.50 from

Keeping your pooch safe and legal is easy with this Prestige Seatbelt AttachmentIt will stop your dog from moving around your vehicle whilst you're driving and in the event of a crash, will prevent your dog from becoming airborne. 

It is quick and easy to attach and release. This attachment fits most standard seatbelt buckles and the
 length can be adjusted (from 46cm to 91cm) to fit your dog. 

It is made from tough nylon and available in 5 colours: Black, Blue, Hot Pink, Purple, Red

RRP: $19.95 (one size only) at

These personalised soft back harnesses by IdPet Australia are the first custom-made, interchangeable and adjustable, all-in-one pet harness to launch in Australia.

They come with a custom-printed, fully interchangeable chest piece, adjustable straps and D-ring for attaching to a lead. These harnesses are made in Australia from neoprene/polyester, reflective and inner mesh material. 

Available in a wide range of designs (and you can add your pet’s name) and 6 sizes (XS to XXL).

RRP: $49.95-$59.95

The Swedish designed and engineered Variocrate brings a new dimension of safety to car travel with your pet. Australia's only crash-tested pet travel cage, this product has passed rigorous European crash testing for front, rear and side collision.

Available from Black Hound, there are 14 adjustable sizes which will suit most SUV's, 4WDs, Station Wagons and Utilities. They are constructed from powder-coated steel and modifications to your car are not required. 

Crates are available in either single or double berth configurations, with the divider in the double berth removable to create one extra large space should you need it.

Black Hound also sell the Variogate, a pre-fabricated, adjustable and removable gate which will allow you to turn your entire boot space into a secure dog area. You will also find removable cargo drawers and cargo barriers which have been designed to complement the entire range of products.

All products are quick and easy to install. No tools required.

RRP: from $1,050

You can keep your pet safely contained when you’re on the go with the K9 Guard Universal Pet Safety Barrier from Petego.  
Versatile, it can be used to separate the front and rear seats, or it can fit between the backseat and the cargo area. 

The K9 Guard is easy to install and fully adjustable to fit most vehicles. This portable guard rail helps avoid driver distraction but still allows you to keep an eye on your precious pet. 

At its minimum size, it is 25.4cm tall by 86.4cm wide but can expand up to 45.7cm tall by 142.2cm across.

RRP: $165.95

This bowl is the perfect companion to crate training and travel with your dog. 

The latest version of this collapsible kennel bowl by Dexas Popware has a pivot button that allows you to fold it up and away. The bowl collapses for storage and expands for use and the inner bowl is removable for easy cleaning. It can be fitted to any brand or size crate.

BPA and Phthalate free, it is available in 2 sizes (Small/Round or Large/Rectangle) and 4 fun bright colours!

RRP: $19.95

Part of the You & Me range for dogs and cats, this Dog Soft Crate is made from durable nylon with a heavy duty inner steel frame. 

It features premium extra strong mesh fabric on door and windows and roll down blinds on three sides. It also comes with seat belt straps and a waterproof base. 

For easy storage, this crate folds down into a handy carry kit meaning you can still enjoy your car boot space during the rest of the holiday!

Available in 4 sizes (62cm to 105cm in length). 

RRP: from $122.99 at 

This Scout & About Chill Pad will give your dog a cosy place to rest in style in the great outdoors or in the car. This waterproof mat rolls up compactly and features a convenient carrying handle for easy travel.

Made of durable high performance 600-Denier PE fabrics, these Chill Pads are waterproof and Intertek-certified UV-resistant to prevent water seepage and discolouration

It is filled with eco-friendly PlanetFill® filler made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles

Available in Vanilla or Mocha, it comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium or Large.

RRP: $109.95 at

The ZeeZ Telescoping Ramp features an aluminium body with a plastic panel design.

The ramp itself is lightweight and has an attached handle making carrying it a breeze! Perfect for any size dog with a load capacity of up to 90kg and a tread width of 35.5cm. 

This ramp measures 90cm when closed and 180cm fully extended. The ramp weighs 6.7kg. 

RRP: $299.00 from

Experts believe that pressure has a calming effect on the nervous system, possibly by releasing a calming hormone like endorphins.

For many dogs, the Thundershirt is effective for a wide variety of anxiety symptoms. 

For travel anxiety or canine car sickness, those symptoms include shaking, panting, drooling, barking or whining, hyperactivity, and even vomiting.

Made from a lightweight, breathable and durable fabric, the Thundershirt is fully adjustable for a snug, comfortable fit so it looks stylish and keeps your pooch warm. 

Available in 7 sizes: from XXS to XXL.

RRP: $58.95 from 

Some pets find travelling in cars a challenge, while others are plagued by memories of horrid trips where visual motion and perceived movement clashed. 

TravelEze from Natural Animal Solutions can help support your dog during this time and is made from high quality herbal ingredients such as Ginger

This formula is non drowsy to ensure your pet can enjoy travelling once again and you can enjoy your pet’s company the entire day.  

Combining other natural ingredients such as Withania and Chamomile to naturally support your pets tummy and ensures all passengers (not just the four-legged ones) have a more comfortable ride! 

RRP: $53.47 (100ml) at  

Travelling with pets means ensuring their safety as much as ours. The important part is to ensure that your pet can’t interfere with your ability to drive, as well as preventing them from falling or ending up injuring themselves.

About to be released at Interzoo 2018, the Carrie Pet Car Seat by NOWWe helps protect the safety of people and their pets in the car. It features a safety net made of high-tensile synthetic fiber that keeps companion animals from breaking through in case of accidents or sudden stops.

Carrie includes a free-open-and-close gate that enables you to communicate with your pet at any time. This product offers safety and comfort for pets without compromising on style.

Weighing only 1.8 kg, this light pet car seat is easy to store and carry, yet durable.

This car seat measures (in use) L552mm X W300mm X H552mm.

RRP: A$359 (279 USD) from

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