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Puppy Bowl XIV on Animal Planet - Feb 4

We don't really care about the Super Bowl however there’s lots to love about its adorable counterpart - the Puppy Bowl watched by millions of Americans.

Designed to promote pet adoption, this annual event first began in 2005 and Puppy Bowl XIV was aired on Animal Planet on Sunday 4th February, at 3pm (E.S.T. in the US).


The Puppy Bowl, whose origins can be traced back to a joke, pits Team Fluff and Team Ruff against each other for the fictional Lombarky Trophy 
and this year each team had a mascot (a rescued screech owl for Team Ruff, and a rescued chinchilla for Team Fluff). 
All the canine competitors come from a shelter or rescue organisation and are up for adoption through the Sato Project.

In 2015, 2.8 million people tuned into the event in its first airing and the 2017 Puppy Bowl garnered 2.47 million viewers.

In years past pets have been adopted in minutes as people can quickly go online and rescue a puppy they see playing
A lot of people don't know this but unlike its human-based rival event, the Puppy Bowl does not happen live. It’s actually filmed several months in advance (usually October), using multiple cameras and rotating its furry participants in and out; the footage is then cut down to highlight the cutest and most action-filled moments possible!

Puppy Bowl is filmed inside a miniature Plexiglas "stadium" that is only 5.8m long by 3m wide. Only puppies between 12 and 21 weeks old are allowed on the show and there is a height and weight limit - due to the size limitations of the play area. 

The 90 puppies come from 48 shelters across 25 different states and US territories
Puppies must show that they are well socialised with people and other puppies. A wide variety of toys are placed inside the "stadium"are are usually switched out every 20 minutes, and often more frequently. Peanut butter is smeared around camera lenses to induce the puppies to lick the camera!

"Penalties" are issued for puppies relieving themselves on the field, "terrorizing the ref" (for a puppy acting aggressively toward the referee), "paws interference" (for when a puppy blocks another) and "Pancaking" (for when a tired puppy sprawls on the floor instead of playing)!

The production often turns into a literal zoo! New to this year’s event were a piano-playing chicken, baby barnyard animal cheerleaders and Shirley the sloth — who all joined long-time referee Dan Schachner as the two called the shots and flagged the penalties, like his favourite" “siesta on the sideline.”! 

Puppy Bowl XIV is now officially in the books, and for the second year in a row Team Fluff has taken home the Lombarky Trophy.

The contest got heated in the fourth quarter but in the end, it was Team Fluff’s Kaleb Junior — who was rescued from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria — whose touchdown got the win against Team Ruff.

Bear, a Pit Bull/Foxhound Mix - Puppy Bowl XIV "most valuable Puppy"

When: Sunday 4th February 2018, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. E.S.T. (US)

Where: Animal Planet TV Channel

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