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Ultra Calmer Collar for Dogs - Review

The Ultra Calmer sonic collar is aimed at dogs who suffer from anxiety triggered by thunderstorms, fireworks and noise phobias. It is used as an immediate relief source using specific music tones within close proximity to your dog’s ears. 

It works along the same principles as the Pet Tunes Bluetooth speaker which is also pre-loaded with special Pet Acoustics music to calm your dog. The company also developed species-specific bluetooth speakers to soothe cats, horses and birds since different animals hear frequencies differently.

Its inventor, Janet Marlow is a fifth generation composer and Sound Behaviourist, who is internationally recognised for her contribution to the understanding of acute hearing in pets and the importance of sounds as a trigger for behaviour.

The range was created to calm pets in a range of situations such as separation anxiety during home alone time, thunderstorm and noise phobiastravel anxietyexcessive barking or training sessions.


The collar comes with a magnetic USB charger and will have minimal battery charge when you receive it so you will need to give it a couple of hours to charge before the first use. 

On the front of the unit, the light indicator will glow red whilst charging and turns off when fully charged. Make sure if you don't leave it charging as this can affect performance.

When you need to use the collar, simply press the "On" button (on the side) and now the light indicator will glow blue whilst playing.

Next to the "On" button, you can also adjust the volume up or down (+/- ) to find a level your dog will be comfortable with. Remember that the unit sits right behind his ears so it does not need to be too loud!

The sonic collar will play continuously for up to 3 hours unless you turn it off.


The science behind Pet Acoustics music is a process in which frequencies and decibel levels are digitally modified within original compositions according to each animal's acute hearing levels.
Whilst our human maximum hearing frequency is 20,000Hz, the canine range reaches 45,000Hz. Still, this pales into significance compared to our feline friends whose range can go all the way up to 64,000Hz.

Providing ideal sonic environments is increasingly used in vet clinics, doggy daycare centres and by dog trainers as a natural method to help restore more balanced behaviours. The special music works by detouring your pet's hearing to restore their natural calm behavioural state. 

The clinical studies listed on the Pet Acoustics US website suggest a "success rate" of around 80% to 90% for canines in relieving their state of stress (within 5-20 minutes) or displaying positive reactions / a greater ability to focus on a task.

In 2017, Pet Acoustics received official certification as Fear Free certified Professional' and a preferred product of the "Fear Free Pet" program in the USA.


Remember to recharge your sonic collar after each use for the next time you will need it... At the first sign of agitation, you should clip the collar on your dog and hopefully you will see stress symptoms diminish and your dog settle into a state of calm. 

Your dog's acute hearing during a stressful noise event (storm or fireworks) will be detoured as it is being masked by the Ultra Calmer music. 

If you've given it a full charge prior, the collar will play continuously for up to 3 hours.


After a very quiet start (not complaining!) to this year's thunderstorm season, we've now experienced quite a few over the past two weeks which finally allowed us to put the Ultra Calmer sonic collar through a full assessment.

In our test with Conner - our senior dog has been suffering from thunderstorm phobia for 10+ years, it did not prevent him from getting scared at the onset of a storm and he will still start pacing and panting well before we’re aware of a storm heading our way. 

We noticed  however that when he's wearing his Ultra Calmer sonic collar - in conjunction with the swaddling technique - he seems less upset after 10-15 minutes and he also calms down a lot quicker. We found him on our first floor landing lying down quietly and a lot less stressed when he would normally stay close to us demanding our attention the whole time.

The downside is that you obviously need to be home to put this sonic collar on and it only plays for 3 hours. So if you're heading out to work in the morning and a storm is forecast for later that day, this device is not going to help you...

However if you work from home or you have the option to take your dog to work with you, we found this to be helpful so far. Just remember to recharge if there's a storm forecast: there's nothing more frustrating than realising the battery is flat when you need to use it!


The Ultra Calmer sonic collar for dogs is available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large) and it will accommodate neck sizes from 22cm all the way up to 63cm.

RRP: $135.00 from

NB: Both the Ultra Calmer collar and the Pet Tunes speaker are backed by a 30-day return policy (minus postage cost) and you will find more details on their website.

Disclaimer: Product gifted by The Pet Calmer for the purpose of this review.

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