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Dooba Organic DIY Dog Hydro Bath Launch

Dooba's first organic DIY dog hydro bath facility opens this week-end in Brunswick (Victoria) and you get the chance to experience it for free on Sunday 19th November!


Australians spent over $12 billion collectively on their pets in 2016 and we treat our furry friends to everything from doggie daycare to canine-friendly yoga classes.

Now, dogs like Winston (featured above) around Brunswick in Victoria are making a beeline for Australia’s first organic DIY hydro bath!

Dooba’s organic hydro baths are fully self-contained dog washing stations that are simple to use, water efficient and eco friendly: they contain no harmful chemicals that may cause skin irritations. 
Ruby the Labrador (aka Dooba) is the inspiration behind the new Dooba Organic DIY Hydro Bath

“Our DIY hydro baths use 100 per cent organic dog shampoo and conditioner that contains no synthetic skin irritants,” says Dooba founder Adam Dunstan. “That’s good for dogs – and for the humans who wash them. It also means that no harsh chemicals get washed into storm water.”

The hydro bath stations also include an integrated blow dryer, raised non-slip floor, and built-in leash that attaches to your dog’s collar for the duration of the bath. Baths cost $13 for 10 minutes and the cashless stations accept payment via major credit cards and mobile payments.

“Our organic dog shampoo and conditioner is made from a base of coconut and olive oils that won’t strip the natural oils out of your dog’s coat,” says Dunstan. “We also use essential oils such as lavender and chamomile for a soothing natural scent.”

Dooba’s first hydro bath is currently in operation at Soap Bar Launderette in Brunswick West, with more locations coming soon.

When: Sunday 19th November, from 10:00am until 4:00pm

Where: Soap Bar Launderette, cnr. of Grantham and Heller St., Brunswick West, VIC, 3055

For more information, please visit

Media Release 16/11/17

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