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The Base Collective Launches Pet Range

Melbourne-based organic wellness brand The Base Collective recently launched their own pet collection which includes two skincare products: a Wellness Spray and Wellness Wash.

Both of which are infused with the powerful Magnesium mineral and are designed to treat and revitalise your pet’s sore muscles. The essential mineral facilitates muscle health, relieves pain and inflammation and supports a healthy immune system.

Of course, like all The Base Collective products, the new pet range is made from naturally derived ingredients and the brand’s signature “no nasty promise”. The wellness spray and wash features a sweet orange essential oil that acts as a natural flea repellent and combats strong pet odours.

After a good day of rolling in the grass, digging in the dirt or playing with their fellow four (or two) legged friends, sometimes all our favourite furry friend needs after a ruff day is a bath and a bit of TLC.

The spray and wash perfect for pets with sensitive skin but they could also help relieve anxiety and calm overactive pets.

”Having always grown up with a dog, they have a special place in my heart and so we created The Base Collective’s Pet Collection so that we could extend that love to our pets. The set offers relief for your pet’s sore muscles, aids sleep and can even help with cases of arthritis, whilst ensuring they smell citrus fresh” says The Base Collective co-founder, Pharmacist Cassie Sanghvi.

Studies reveal that magnesium supplements for animal health is just as important as it is to human health. Magnesium is most effective when absorbed through the skin rather than taking oral supplements.

The Base Collective’s Pet collection offers the essential magnesium mineral in a concentrated form, free from unnecessary ingredients and the targeting the source of muscle pain.


RRP: $21 for Pet Wellness Spray (125mL); $19 for Pet Wellness Wash (250mL)  

The Pet Magnesium Collection is available online and at various stockists throughout Australia.

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