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Echo Pet Foods Dog Treats - Review

Good dogs deserve good treats! Treats that are not only great tasting, but wholesome and healthy.

Echo Pet Foods
is an Australian owned family business, which was founded in 2013 as a response to the lack of healthy treat options available for pets. The owners were tired of being offered treats made from cheap meat alternatives full of preservatives and additives.
 They decided to create their own range, which was named in remembrance 
of their beautiful Siberian Husky, Echo.

The company's vows to deliver the highest quality pet food using free range and non-GMO ingredients as part of a healthy balanced diet, providing the ultimate nutrition for your pets. 

Echo Pet Foods currently supply fresh produce and dehydrated treats for dogs and cats with meals coming soon! The entire range is made from human grade 100% free range (no antibiotics and no GMO) hormone-free grass-fed beef, lamb and wild caught kangaroo. 


Beef Topside Jerky - Lamb Loin Jerky - Kangaroo Rump Jerky - Beef Liver Treats (from Left to Right)

There is a diverse range of treats on offer from Lamb, Beef, Kangaroo, Seafood  but for the purpose of this review, we only sampled the first three.

#1. Beef Treats

Fresh lean beef is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially iron and zinc, and is therefore recommended as part of a healthy diet. Other crucial vitamins and minerals that can be found within beef include vitamin B12, selenium, niacin, vitamin B6, and phosphorous.

Topside Jerky dog treats are made from 100% human grade Australian Topside Beef, dehydrated and packed locally. They're ideal as a reward or training aid. These treats are suitable for puppies to old dogs whilst still satisfying all dogs in between!
You could also choose from Beef Crumbles or the Liver Treats which were definitely our dogs' favourites!

​#2. Lamb Treats

Lamb treats in the Echo Pet Foods range are made from 100% human grade Australian Lamb Loin free from additives or preservatives. 

You can choose from Lamb Chews, Liver Treats or Loin Jerky and all of them work as an occasional treat or for training purposes. These are especially recommended if you have a fussy pet. 

Lamb treats can be a little fatty so a little goes a long way but liver treats can be easily broken into small pieces. 

RRP: $4.99 for 100g (also 400g or 1kg value pack)

#3. Kangaroo Treats (Rump Jerky)

Kangaroo is great for dogs that have food allergies along with being the perfect training reward or entertainment chew. 

Made with wild caught 100% kangaroo rump, these treats contain no preservatives, colourings or artificial flavours.

RRP: $6.99 (100g pack)

There's also an impressive range of Fish Treats (Queenfish pieces, Mackerel Tails, Fish Bites, Cartilage Sticks, Fish Nuggets, Flake Jerky, Fish Twisters, Pilchards) that would delight any dog or cat!

If meat is off the menu, a Vegetarian offering is also on the cards in the near future...


As we all try to do our bit to reduce our "carbon paw-print", an easy step to take is to purchase more locally made products that also support our local economy. It makes very little sense for us to us to go and purchase an overseas equivalent that ends up costing twice as much!

There's no doubt that the health and wellbeing of our pets are at the core of Echo Pet Foods' values, well ahead of their profits and in this day and age, we found this refreshing!

Based on the quality of the ingredients (free-range, grass-fed, wild caught), the pricing is extremely competitive as I don't think we've come across any treats of this quality starting from $4.99 per 100g.

Our dogs kept a very close eye on the samples during the photo shoot and once given the signal, Porthos was ready to pounce (in case it moved...) on his reward!

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