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Petrek 3G GPS Pet Tracker - Review

The Petrek 3G GPS Pet Tracker is the world’s first and smallest 3G dedicated GPS tracker for dogs and cats!

There is no worse feeling than losing your pet and knowing that you could have done something to prevent it from happening… Our older dog once took himself for a walk through the front door - admittedly he only went down the road to chew on our neighbour’s pot plant ornaments!) but these fifteen minutes spent searching frantically for him because he did not feel like responding to his name, felt a lot longer and it is not something we’d like to live through ever again…

You could have a contractor or a visitor coming in and not latching your gate securely and it only takes minutes for your adventurous dog to seize on this opportunity…

Just as with health issues, prevention is key which is why we love the idea of the Petrek GPS Tracker easy to attach to our dog’s collar (in addition to his ID tag and microchip) especially if when we decide to explore a new area during our walks or take him with us on holidays.

What is the Petrek 3G GPS Pet Tracker?

This is an upgrade of the previous 2G Petrek GPS Pet Tracker model which was the first to offer a phone app designed for smartphones (running on both iOS and Android based systems).

This new version has gone through rigorous testing to ensure all its new features are reliable. A big improvement is the smaller and lighter body making this unit now suitable for toy breed dogs and even cats!

It comes with an IP67 Waterproof rating so it is fully submersible up to one meter and 30 minutes! Unless your dog is a deep sea diver, you can leave the Petrek 3G on your pet at all times even if they have access to a dam or pool.

The Petrek 3G GPS Pet Tracker runs in conjunction with the free iPet App which is how you easily control the multiple functions like your pet’s location (and history), set an alert perimeter around your house/backyard etc.

How to set up your Petrek 3G Pet Tracker

1. Check your Tracker Power On / Off function. Press the Power Key at the back for 3 seconds and 3LEDs (red, blue, green) will light up. To turn the unit off, press again for 3 seconds and the LEDs will go off one by one. 

Remember: your Tracker should always be turned off when you charge it.

2. Give your Tracker a full charge using the magnetic charger provided. Allow up to 5 hours for the first charge (and after that up to 2 hours is required for a full charge).

3. Download the iPet app for your smartphone (iOS or Android) and check for updates.

iPet app showing your dog's location on Satellite Map  / Heat Map features

4. Activate the SIM card that is already installed in the tracker (you will receive a unique Activation Code for the ALDImobile service with your unit). Just follow the prompts online to confirm your identity and always request a NEW number (do not transfer existing phone numbers). You will quickly receive an SMS confirming your new service is ready to use.

The SIM card is pre-loaded with a $5 credit which will last 3-4 months with normal usage. Once you run out, you can simply logon to your account and top up your credit ($20 should give you a full year’s worth of usage).

5. Secure the Petrek 3G Tracker to your dog's collar using the silicon case provided.

We'd highly recommend you watch the Petrek 3G initial setup video on YouTube to follow all these steps properly.

Keep Track of your Pet’s Movements 

If your dog is left at home alone all day, it is reassuring to know that you’ll receive an instant notification should he leave your backyard/property which is where the Geo-Fencing feature comes in.

Through the iPet app you can simply put your finger on your property and immediately create a proximity circle that you can adjust from 100 metres to 10km

Depending on your update time, should the iPet app detect your dog or cat outside the proximity circle on the latest location update, you will get an alert and notifications within seconds*The timing of the notification that your pet has left the Geo-fence area depends on the settings (* see Battery Life) you are using for location updates.

Please note that Geo-Fencing relies on adequate GPS signal strength - as long as the tracker is moving and is outdoors, the breach will be picked up but if it’s inside a vehicle and not near the window it may not pick up. GSM network is required to send the notification to your phone.

If your pet has full access to a large backyard whilst you’re at work you may be interested in finding out where they spend most of their times?

Location History

The Live Location feature will deliver live location updates at the press of a button. These appear on Google Maps with an accuracy of 2.5metres so you know exactly where your pet is or their last location at the time of the update.

These Live location updates require full GSM and GPS signal. GPS signals require clear sight of sky and for the best location updates the Tracker requires to be outdoors. 

This could come in handy if you go on holidays and leave your dog with a pet sitter or engage the services of a dog walker and want to check that you're getting what you paid for! 

You can find out where your pet has been for any day in the previous 2 months through the iPet appHowever if you don't want anyone to access this information on your phone, simply add a secure Pin to block someone from using your app and see where you've been...

Satellite View

Satellite View showing Geo-Fencing area (right)
An exact location address appears below (removed)
With the touch of a button you can switch from Map view to full satellite imagery so you know which house, tree or fence your pet might be closest to. As before, the Satellite View is only as accurate as the GPS signal! If there is GPS signal you will get a very accurate view.

Both with the Map or Satellite View, you can activate the LBS Assist function. If the Tracker is indoors or under a building the tracker will then search for the nearest telecommunications cell tower (GSM) to give you an idea of which area it might be. This “guesstimation” of location using GSM can be turned off if preferred.

Heat Map

Using this function, you can tell where your pet is spending most of his or her time during any day over the previous 2 months. However please note that the Heat Map function is only available to Android users at present.

Battery Life

If the Petrek 3G does not detect movement, it simply goes to sleep mode. In pure sleep mode, it can last up to 1600 hours (2+ months). However in practical use, depending on how active your pet is, the update frequency and features you select in the settings.

  • Normal mode (5-10 min updates) - Approx 8-14 hours
  • Urgent mode (30 Sec updates) 5-8 hours
  • Power saving mode (2 hour updates) 2-4 days
Battery life varies significantly depending on usage levels. For example, in places with poor GPS (when indoors) or GSM reception battery life can decrease up to 2 hours, but if your pet is normally out and about in open areas where the tracker doesn't have to constantly hunt for better reception the battery life will increase.

There is a low battery alert so when your Petrek GPS Pet Tracker is about to run out of juice, you will get a text to alert you to charge it up.

Summary of Main Features

  • Light and compact - Dimensions are 46mm(L) x 38mm(W) x 19mm(H) without the silicon jelly case. 
  • Weight: 29 grams without SIM card (1 gram)
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating 
  • Magnetic Waterproof Charger
  • Easy to use iPet app on both iOS and Android platforms
  • Long life battery with power saving mode
For more information on how to set up and use your Petrek 3G Tracker and iPet app, we would also advise you to download and read the latest User Guide.

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $279.00 (Black or White) from

Disclaimer: Product gifted by Petrek Australia for the purpose of this review

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