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DOGlite Double Trouble LED Harness - Review

All DOGlite LED dog harnesses now come standard with a Front Pull Option. The right harness adds comfort and support for your dog and also assists in reducing 'pulling' when on leash, to make your walks a lot more enjoyable for both parties!


For those 'over committed' dogs, you can now attach your leash to the front of their chest which greatly reduces pulling.
The idea behind this is that the front attachment will cause your dog to turn - interrupting their forward momentum - and it progressively teaches them not to pull.

How to put on your DOGlite Double Trouble Harness
Some harnesses have a non-padded but adjustable chest whilst others offer a padded but non-adjustable chest... 
This DOGlite LED harness has both! 

With its 3-way adjustability and a padded chest plate, this harness range is comfortable, durable and you don't need a phD to fit it! The material is made of 25mm UV rated webbing which is water resistant.

Simply lay your harness on the floor, let your dog step in, clip on each side, and adjust for the perfect fitting only once! Press the switch for the LED light (on each side), then your dog and you can be on your way, every day... or night! 

The LED light is very bright which is great for low-light conditions on grey winter days. It increases your safety when you're crossing the road walking very early in the morning or at night.

As with all DOGlite LED dog accessories (matching collars and leashes) you can select the “On” or “Slow Flash” mode. The LED light is activated by a replaceable CR2032 battery (one for each dual fibre-optic LED strip) which will give you 60 to 80 hours of operational battery life.

This DOGlite harnesse also uses a Double D-ring leash attachment for extra strength and durability. If you have a big dog either determined to pull or reactive (to other dogs, people etc.) during your walks, the rating up to 140kg pulling capacity should definitely put your mind at ease… 

To ensure a correct fit, you should measure your dog’s chest at its widest (right behind their front legs) before ordering.

The Double Trouble LED dog harness comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. 

You can mix and match with a DOGlite's Dual Handle leash (rated up to 85kg pulling capacity) and you will have a great training combo! The dual handle gives you more control through high traffic areas or for a little extra encouragement during training periods.

The Double Trouble LED dog harness and Dual Handle leash come in a range of 7 colours: Purple Haze (harness featured), Northern Lights, Pink Sky, Red Nite, Orange Sunset (leash featured), Blue Moon and Green Glow.

You can select your dog collar and leash in a matching colour or throw away the rule book! We selected a Dual Handle Leash in Orange Sunset to chase away the winter blues during our walks. 

Please note that the new Chest Attach option is also available on the  DOGlite Mini Dog LED dog harness (for smaller dog breeds) in the same choice of colours.


RRP: $43.95-$49.95 for the Double Trouble LED harness from

NB: free freight within Australia for all orders over $50

Disclaimer: we received this product complimentary from DOGlite for testing purposes.

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