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Canine Wellness Kitchen – Dog Food Truck

Melbourne dogs have been spoilt with the arrival of The Canine Wellness Kitchen, a food truck offering a gourmet menu catering especially for them!

Co-founders Katie Crandon and her partner Laura Yeomans launched their food truck at the Hank Marvin Market in St Kilda last year after identifying a gap in the market.

They were already running a healthy pet food business but found that our canine friends - including their Cocker Spaniel Freddie - were missing out on the “dining out” experience even when they were accompanying their owners. 

"The idea behind the dog food truck is, you come to the truck, buy yourself a meal and a beer and the dog can enjoy the same food as what you're eating." says Ms. Crandon.

The food truck serves a range of raw and dehydrated snacks made from “human-grade ingredients”. Meat and offal are sourced from reputable butchers whilst the fresh vegetables used are grown in their garden at home. 

Our mission is “to get healthy food to pet owners” explains Ms. Crandon, as feeding dogs better food will result in healthier coats, cleaner teeth and may help prevent joint problems.

The "Collar Unbuckler" dish
from Canine Wellness Kitchen
The popular “Munchies” plate features items such kangaroo meat (high in protein and low in fat), lamb lung, beef liver (a great source of iron, B12 and folic acid) and shark cartilage.

A dish called “The Love Mussel” features green-lipped mussel – a superfood which is a natural anti-inflammatory and "a rich source of omega fatty acids and minerals to help 
heal creaky joints '’ explains Ms. Crandon.

Another unique doggie delight is their home-made “Freddie’s Froth” which is essentially an organic bone broth sometimes referred to as a “beer for dogs”! There is of course no alcohol in sight but rather a secret mix of bone broth, molasses and other flavouring. It is served in a beer bottle so that you can pour it into your dog’s bowl!

This truck even has a small dog-level serving window for your pooches, along with a human-sized counter as it does serve food to humans too!

The doggy delicacies start from only $3 for lamb lungs, roo chews and green-lipped mussels, whilst those with a pack mentality can get “The Works” which includes a meal, dessert and a doggy beer for $10.

The response from Melbourne dog owners has so far been overwhelming positive with many begging for the food truck to visit their suburb!

Isn’t it time you took your dog out on a lunch or dinner date?

Depending on the day, you can catch The Canine Wellness Kitchen truck at the Hank Marvin Market in St Kilda East, on the Port Melbourne foreshore, the North Melbourne dog park or at a doggie festival near you!

For more details and to see the full menu, please visit

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