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SavourLife Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

SavourLife just launched a new range of grain-free dog food called HealthSource Superfood.

This is an all-natural option which uses a single-source Australian meat protein (Salmon, Kangaroo, Chicken or Lamb) and the entire range is both grain-free and gluten-free.

It also includes some of the popular natural superfoods such as sweet potato, yucca, chicory root, kelp, green tea and blueberries plus a blend of vitamins, minerals, natural pre-biotics and amino acids. It’s completely free of artificial flavours, colours and preservatives

With a range suitable for all tastes, shapes, sizes, ages and breeds, this new grain-free dog food has been designed to exceed AAFCO standards - the world’s leading independent authority on pet nutrition.

As with every SavourLife product (natural dog treats) 50% of their profits are donated to rescue dogs and everything is Australian made.

In the last three years, SavourLife has donated to rescue groups in every state and territory across Australia and, in turn, helped change the lives of thousands of rescue dogs.


RRP: $28.99 (2.5kg) or $89.99 (10kg) for all varieties. 

Available at Best Friends stores and My Pet Warehouse both in-store or online with more retail stores coming soon.

For the latest information, please visit

If you're visiting the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show (5-7 May), come by their stand (No. 234) for a one-time only introductory pricing on this new range and some giveaways!

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