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FitBark Dog Activity Monitor & App

FitBark is a Dog Activity Monitor and app which aims to reform the way we care for our pets to stay healthy together. Global dog activity data from FitBark reveals Australia ranks among the laziest country when it comes to dog walking.

Are We Killing Our Pets With Kindness?

This may come as a shock but Australians are apparently among the laziest dog walkers in the world! As a nation of pet lovers spending $12.1 billion¹ on pet care, we are slowly and painfully killing our pets (and ourselves) with too much food and not enough exercise. 

Choosing to leave Fido at home instead of hitting the pavement together is adversely impacting on our pet’s health, not to mention our own.

“Pet parents may not realise that by overfeeding their dogs and not exercising them enough, they are increasing the risk of their pets developing life threatening illnesses,” said Dr Patricia Santos-Smith, Senior Veterinary Advisor at PetSure, Australia’s leading pet insurance underwriting management agency.

Over the past four years, PetSure has seen claims increase by 100% for obesity-related health issues and an alarming 375% rise for osteoarthritis. Claim frequency for canine diabetes has shot up by 115% since 2012.²

Australia’s latest health report card shows almost two out of three adults, and one out of four children, were overweight or obese, which leads to many human and canine diseases, such as diabetes, osteoarthritis and heart disease.³

Australians may not be walking their dogs enough, but studies show exercising with your pet is the way to go! Pet industry research reveals 85% of pet owners find exercising more enjoyable with a pet at their side, and 72% of pet owners think exercising with their pets draw them closer together.

“Getting fit and healthy is all about the human-dog connection, said Dr Santos-Smith. “And now there’s an innovative new way to monitor your dog’s health and fitness along with your own in real time!”

In partnership with PetSure, FitBark has launched the world’s first platform that offers a wealth of real world data on the behaviour, activity and sleeping patterns of dogs, which is revolutionising the way we care for them.

Harnessing advances in veterinary science and technology, FitBark allows dog owners around the world to literally ‘sync’ with their four-legged companions using a collar sensor and mobile app, link to their own fitness tracker and compare the data.

“FitBark has raised the bar in wearable technologies for canines, revolutionising the way owners care for their dogs and stay healthy together,” said Dr Santos-Smith. “Pet owners can digitally monitor their dog’s activity levels, sleep and behaviour, which encourages fitness and healthy habits at both ends of the leash.”


FitBark’s colourful bone-shaped collar sensor and easy-to-use mobile app enable you to visualize your dog’s progress and even compare their behavioural data with similar dogs so you see what is normal and what is not.

FitBark can give you early signs that your dog is sick or in pain through changes in daily patterns – for instance, lack of restful sleep – and allows you to share the data with your vet,” said Dr Santos-Smith.

FitBark can also help you to understand how much exercise your dog really needs and if your dog’s separation anxiety is improving. It can help you monitor your pet’s rehabilitation, train your canine more efficiently for sports and monitor his care by the dog walker or in day care/boarding.”

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Furthermore, your dog contributes to an unprecedented health knowledge base – known as FitBark Explore: A Live, Public, Interactive Digital Map of Dog Health & Wellness - on dogs from more than 110 countries!


FitBark has unleashed the devices on VetShopAustralia, Australia’s most awarded online pet store.

FitBark comes in three colours (blue, grey and red), is waterproof and weighs only 8 grams. It also has up to 14 days battery life, operates with low Bluetooth energy and is compatible with iOS and Android. 

RRP: $107.00 from


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