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ION™ Dogs - LED Dog Collar Review

If you take your dog for a walk at dawn or dusk or regularly end up at the local dog park late at night, this ION LED dog collar will be perfect for you!

By the time we are ready to head home, all the dogs are usually a blur in the distance and we can't tell them apart so a bright collar is very helpful!

If you had a couple of close calls when crossing the road, you know how difficult it is for a biker or the driver of a car to see you and your dog(s). So this is more than just a fashion accessory, wearing a high-visibility reflective collar can actually prevent your dog from being hit.


Designed in Australia, the ION™ LED dog collar uses the latest in LED and fibre optic technology to ensure that there is an even and powerful distribution of light. 

This device features a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and we found it was very easy to charge using the USB cable provided. We simply connected it to our mobile phone charger or computer and waited until the charging indicator light turned from red to green. 

It only takes one hour for a quick charge and three hours for a complete charge. One single full charge will provide more than seven hours of continuous use, which should be plenty even for the keenest of dog walkers! If you're not using your ION™ LED dog collar for a while, one charge should last up to 30 days in standby mode.

We personally prefer using it on its constant glow setting but it comes with three separate flashing modes: fast flash (best to attract a driver's attention), slow flash and a constant glow.

Even during the day, the high-visibility material definitely makes this collar stand out but it really comes into its own once the natural light disappears.

It comes in Blue and Orange, with 3 sizes available (Small/Medium/Large).


• More than 7 hours of continuous use with a single charge
• USB rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (the cable is included)
• Durable nylon webbing with reflective stitching
• Water resistant (do not submerge). The collar and its components will take the occasional splash but please remove it before your dog goes swimming.
• Adjustable length


RRP: $27.00 from

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