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Hedz UP Pets Watercollar - PFD for Dogs

The Hedz UP Pets Watercollar is a life preserver for dogs that is a collar and not a life jacket. This Watercollar protects dogs from drowning the same way a human Personal Flotation Device (PFD) protects humans.

It is estimated that hundreds of family pets die in drowning incidents each year, though real numbers are not known, because most incidents go unreported. This is a silent killer. Although most dogs can swim, they may not know how to find their way to safety. In a panic situation, they swim toward the place where they fell in and swim until they are exhausted and drown — usually in less than 20 minutes. Puppies, handicapped and older dogs are especially vulnerable.

The Watercollar can save your dog from drowning should he/she accidently fall into a swimming pool, out of a boat, or off a jetty/ramp. And as it is comfortable enough to wear all day, your dog can now play with you in and around the water all day and stay protected.


The Hedz UP Pets Watercollar was engineered using the same high standards established by the United States Coast Guard meeting the same flotation requirements as for humans. 

This Watercollar is made of non-absorbent, closed-cell foam with a cotton fabric covering and nylon strapping. 

Most life jackets for dogs may not protect your dog from drowning as they're designed to hold the dog in a swimming position. 

If your dog should become exhausted, injured or worse unconscious, the Watercollar will hold him in a position of safety, keeping his nose well above the water.

Some dogs may develop “hot spots” from the heat and abrasion of wearing a dog life jacket or swim vest for hours. The Watercollar avoids all of those problems.


You thread your own dog’s collar through the loops on the Watercollar PFD, which allows the lightweight flotation collar to hang away from your dog’s neck, providing freedom of movement and clear sight around water risks.

Ensure that your dog’s collar will not slip off over his head and that the Watercollar PFD is safely attached and this will hold his head above water. The hexagonal-shaped Watercollar PFD offers more comfort for dogs and also makes it easy to thread the Watercollar onto your own dog’s collar. 

When a dog is swimming, or if he/she falls into the water, the straps position the flotation under the chin to keep the dog’s ears and nose above the water.

You can watch a live video demonstration here...

Most life jackets for dogs do not protect your dog from drowning. The jackets are designed to hold the dog in a swimming position. If a dog wearing a life jacket becomes injured, or worse, unconscious, his head will drop into the water.

These Watercollars are available in 10 sizes and will fit dogs from 1.3kg to 90kg.


RRP: from $73.40 (free delivery in Australia) at

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