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ZiwiPeak Good-Dog Deer Shank Bone Chews

ZiwiPeak's 'Good-Dog' Deer Shank Bones are part of their Oral Health Care Chews range. They have been available for a while now but we had never really looked into them until the recent Sydney Dog Lovers Show.

The ZiwiPeak's Oral Health Care range was introduced in response to the increase of teeth and gum problems in dogs. Having run out of our favourite deer antlers for our dogs to chew on, we decided to try something a little different... 

With some heavy-duty chewers on our hands, we're always on the lookout for dog treats that won't be inhaled within seconds and these deer shank bones seemed to fit our brief perfectly!


ZiwiPeak 'Good-Dog' Deer Shank Bones are received from registered New Zealand deer farmers. These unique dog oral health care chews are minimally processed and what's even better (ever tried shark cartilage?) is that they don't smell when your dogs chew them!

Each natural deer shank bone has hair and skin removed, and is then soaked for a minimum 2 hours in 5% salt solution.

The shank pieces are covered in beef oesophagus (windpipe) meat, then air dried in a controlled atmosphere and cut to appropriate treat-sized lengths.

They come in a full length (perfect for larger dogs and strong chewers) and a half size (suitable for small to medium breeds). 

We opted for two full deer shank bones and once we finally got them out of their tight shrink-wraps, our hounds made short work of the oesophagus, tearing long strips in unison and they appeared to thoroughly enjoy this process!

We set them up on the deck expecting this to be a messy process but these are actually pretty clean dog treats so you could give them to your dog indoors.

Once they finished stripping off the outer layer, we let them gnaw on their respective bones for about 15 minutes and then removed them to be used again later in the week.


The dog treats are made of dried deer shank, wrapped in oesophagus from New Zealand farm-raised deer and beef.

  • Crude Protein: 26%
  • Crude Fat: 4%
  • Crude Fiber: 3%
  • Moisture: 12%


Tasty and nutritional
* All natural
* Fun for your dogs
* Helps clean teeth and improves canine dental health
* Easily digested
* Long lasting if kept in their packaging (nearly 2 years)

You can count on ZiwiPeak for purity and quality in these unique dog chew treats. These naturally raised New Zealand Deer Shank Bones are minimally processed and unlike some other dog chews, they don't stink when your dog chews them!


RRP: $24.95 from

Please note:

* Pets should be supervised when using Good Dog Chews

* Not For Human Consumption (I was not even remotely tempted!)
* Wash your hands thoroughly after handling Good Dog Chews

Disclaimer: product gifted by ZiwiPeak Australia for editorial consideration

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