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Monster Treat Toy - Aussie Dog Products

For most dogs a typical day consists of lying around for 8 to 10 hours, waiting for their humans to come home! However when they finally do, they are busy with chores, important social media updates etc. and this often means little energy is left to walk or entertain our dogs!

Most pet dogs left alone during the day get bored and crave stimulation!

Dogs don’t need to eat out of a food bowl and studies have shown that when given food enrichment toys or boredom busters, dogs are not only more active but also less likely to bark! 

By providing ongoing mental stimulation, enrichment toys have been shown to also slow down our dogs’ cognitive decline due to age.

However our dogs will quickly get tired of any particular toy – no matter how much they loved it initially so you will need to offer variety and constant challenges and this means rotating your dog toys often!


The Monster Treat Toy is all about rewarding healthy play by filling the eyeball with tasty treats or part of your dog’s normal daily food (dry or wet) allocation.

It is super bouncy though not noisy and the randomness is sure to keep your dog guessing, fit and active! It also floats and it will be fantastic to use in our clam shell on those warmer days around the corner.

The design and structure mean that the Monster is an extremely durable treat release toy which can withstand rigorous chewing. However like most toys, it is not indestructible! The manufacturer always recommends supervision, especially if your dog is an established powerful chewer - three dogs guilty as charged in this house!

You may have heard ghastly stories about dogs' tongues being caught inside toys? This is why the Monster also has an additional hole in the ball so that no vacuum can occur.

This is a safety design feature you may not find with other brands.

The eye hole also glows in the dark for night time fun. 

Top Tip: For a monster glow, hold up the toy to a bright light for 60 seconds!

This Monster Treat Toy also comes in Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow.


RRP: $15.00 from

Disclaimer: product gifted by Aussie Dog Products for editorial consideration


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