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Sassy Treats - Dog Organic Seasonal Specials

Sassy Treats was a pioneer of the raw food movement fifteen years ago, long before it turned into a “buzzword” and a multi-million dollar business now largely dominated by big players.

Conceived in August 2000, Sassy Treats aimed at filling a void in the Australian market place at the time, offering healthy rich whole foods, along with truly natural and fresh nutritious treats. The inspiration came from providing meals for a little dog called Smudge and her playmate Jedda.

Since these early days, Sassy Treats has become a multi-award winning company but they are still producing handmade, organic and natural meals and treats for dogs (plus cats and horses), with no preservatives, added flavours or colours.  All meals are fortified with cold-pressed Omega 3 rich oils for healthy, shiny-eyed, energetic dogs and cats with great breath and beautiful coats.

Made in Australia using Australian organic and fresh ingredients and recyclable packaging, the many varieties of meals are snap frozen and home delivered.


Our dogs recently trialled the Korma meal - the seasonal special for winter and since I’m still trying to get them to put their thoughts down on paper, here are ours… 
The food that was delivered to our door looked as fresh and yummy as the photo displayed on the website which is pretty rare. 

We emptied the container straight into our dogs’ bowls (they were upgraded to Indian copperware for the night!) and this is what it looked like… No touch up required here!
Their dinner both looked and was genuinely much healthier than ours that night though I personally prefer my meat to be cooked.

Our dogs had never been fed a raw diet (don’t throw the book at us) but they never gave it a second thought and eagerly tucked into their meal.

The Korma seasonal special is a delicious mix of organic wild goat, organic kidney, great northern borlotti and black beans, red, green and black lentils, buckwheat, yellow and green split peas, tri colour quinoa, carrots, linseed oil, brewer’s yeast, lecithin, kelp and eggshell powder. 

If you were trying to recreate this dish at home, sourcing the ingredients alone would require some serious time and effort! It also would be unlikely to be nutritionally balanced.

Our male Malinois does not like his diet being changed and we have paid the price in the past for feeding him raw chicken but this meal was well digested by all three dogs and they were very keen for their breakfast instalment the next day.

Browsing through the recipe range online is like ordering from Menulog and you can choose from Tapas, Moroccan Chicken, Italian, Indian Korma or even Irish Stew! 

If your dog needs to lose some weight, you can select one of the options aptly named "Cossie", "Bikini" or "Gym"!

Depending on your personal beliefs, there is even a selection of vegetarian, grain-gree, gluten-free and red meat-free main courses and treats available.

What is consistent throughout the whole range is the high quality of all the ingredients used in the dishes and the care that goes into preparing them. All recipes are designed and planned as you would for a great restaurant, favouring seasonal ingredients for freshness, with balanced nutritional contents without sacrificing flavour or presentation.
Unfortunately for us there is a downside to feeding three large dogs: you do go through a lot of food and at $14 per 600g for the winter seasonal Korma (we fed our dogs one container per meal, twice a day), this worked out at around $23/Kg or $28 daily, which is a little over our budget... However if you want to provide some quality fresh meals to vary their diet occasionally we would highly recommend it.

Please note that Sassy Treats are more than happy to create a regular custom order for your pets (dogs and cats) based on your specific requirements and bulk buying in advance will bring the costs down significantly.

Maybe next time you're ordering in, take the time to place an order for your pooch with Sassy Treats as well (don't expect the delivery that night though) so you can both "dine in" in style!


RRP: from $7.00 (250g) and $14 (600g) for the Korma special. Adult main courses start from $4.30 (250g).

Free delivery for orders over $50 on a regular run (Sydney metro area). Delivery is available to all capital cities by overnight courier.

For more information, please visit

Disclaimer: products gifted by Sassy Treats for editorial consideration

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