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March for the Murdered Million – July 24

The “March for the Murdered Million” was held on Sunday 24th July in cities across Australia and the UK.

Greyhound supporters pay their respects during the March for the Murdered Million: Photo: Edward Dieppe

Thousands of Greyhound owners and animal welfare groups marched around the country to pay their respects to the millions of racing Greyhounds who have unnecessarily died in this cruel industry, since the inception of Greyhound racing. 

In NSW, the "March for the Murdered Million" remembered the 70,000 healthy dogs killed over the past 12 years for being too slow, drowned at birth or euthanised after injuries.

This event also celebrated NSW Premier Mike Baird's landmark decision on July 7, 2016 to legislate and ban Greyhound racing in NSW, with the ACT following suit. 

From 1 July 2017, it will be illegal to race and breed Greyhounds in NSW. "The public cannot continue to provide enough homes for the sheer volume deliberately farmed by the industry in the hope of finding a winner." says Greyhound rescuer Nora Anderson.
March for the Murdered Million in Hyde Park, Sydney - Photo Credit: Edward Dieppe
In Sydney this rally was hosted by the Anti-Greyhound Racing Network NSW, whilst other marches were held simultaneously in all other State capitals with the support of Animals AustraliaGroups in Ireland and New Zealand will also be marching on this day.

Participants were encouraged to wear black attire or at least a black arm band to strike a chord and deliver a strong message that no dog losses or injuries through racing are acceptable.

As it is still facing strong opposition from vested interest groups, we all need to ensure that the proposed ban on Greyhound racing is signed into legislation by parliament.
Please contact your local representatives to ensure that they will support the ban in NSW when parliament sits by visiting

Millie the "bionic" Greyhound (suffered from a traumatically amputated paw) - Photo: Edward Dieppe

When: Sunday 24th July, from 11am to 1pm

Where: Hyde Park (near Archibald Fountain) - start & finish.
More details on this event (including where to park) are available on the Event's page.

For details of all the other rallies held across Australia, please visit the individual events' pages below:

Melbourne  - Parliament House, Spring Street
Brisbane - Queens Park

Canberra - Nara Peace Park, Flynn Drive
Perth - Wilson Park, South Beach, Fremantle
Adelaide - Elder Park to Pinkie Flat
Hobart - Parliament Lawns

Townsville - Townsville Pet Expo, Jazzine Barracks from 10am
Cairns - 10am at the Esplanade

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