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Luxury Dog Boarding - Calabash Kennels

Sydney’s premier dog and cat boarding facility celebrates the launch of their luxury kennels in the lead up to its 20-year anniversary of operation!
As you drive through the semi-rural suburb of Arcadia, under an hour’s drive northwest of the Sydney CBD, it can be challenging to stay on the road as you delightedly gaze at the rolling green fields and horses grazing along the fence line.

Then you reach Calabash Kennels and Cattery off Calabash Road - one of Sydney’s leading premier luxury dog and cat boarding facilities, a pet sanctuary away from the city life! When you survey the kennels nestled in the trees, you would be amazed to learn about the transformation the facility has undergone since being taken over by Linda Meumann nearly 20 years ago.

The property was overrun by scrubby bush - you couldn’t even see the dam, she said. There was a dilapidated shed, no fences, the kennels were rusting and there were only a couple outdoor play areas. 
Today, it’s a different story as Calabash Kennels and Cattery has developed substantially over the past two decades, also with the addition of a lovely cattery in 2005, and has a continuous high level of occupancy.

“I wanted to look after our four-legged pets in as best an environment as I could. Calabash Kennels and Cattery just happened!” said Linda. “The tranquility of our rural retreat enhances all our furry guests’ stays with wonderful enticing smells many would not have in the city.”

And now, Calabash Kennels and Cattery celebrates the launch of its luxury dog boarding kennel. “The Canine Lodge was always a dream of mine to be able to look after dogs in a comfortable environment in any type of weather with indoor and outdoor areas,” said Linda.
The Canine Lodge features exclusive rooms with their own outdoor areas, underfloor heating, air conditioning throughout the building including indoor play areas, delicious room service, extra personal play time and regular Facebook appearances and ‘tweets’ to let pet parents know how their ‘fur kids’ are settling in and what they are up to.

The Lodge offers 20 suites with two dogs in each room or single rooms can be requested. Accommodation ranges from the Lassie Suites, with a bed and television to the Toto Suites, with private outdoor play area.

Calabash Kennels and Cattery also boasts large, secure and supervised play areas with shade, small well-constructed play groups, caring staff and quality food.

Optional extra experiences include adventure walks, training, grooming, K9 Nose Work® (scent games) and a delightful swim in the dam!

Rachel Deretic and Michaela Hartley-Turner with Charlie, Nellie & Bobby
“I love being able to provide our furry boarders with an environment that will enable them to be safe, happy and enjoy their time away from home so they want to return to us,” she said. 

“For dogs that haven’t been in boarding before, they can enrol in a few days of Day Care at Calabash Kennels to get used to a kennel environment in a positive way.”

Calabash Cattery is also a cat’s paradise. “When you enter the cattery, you hear the sound of water trickling and see palm fronds swaying in the breeze,” said Linda. “We offer three different rooms to tickle your feline’s fancy.

The Garden Villas have 24-hour access to their own outdoor area with tropical plants and comfortable balconies to curl up on. The Balcony Suites are spacious with sunny terraces and the Garden View Rooms offer great views over the ‘outdoor jungle gym’ - perfect for bird watching!

“The cats feast on quality food and can receive extra human attention, plus regular Facebook posts and ‘tweets’ to keep their owners up to date wherever they are,” said Linda.

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