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Dirty Dog Tail Run NSW - August 28

Outdoor event company Fully Rad Adventures has unveiled a brand new event and another first for Australia. The Dirty Dog Tail Run takes the popularity of trail running and combines it with a love of dogs - creating the first dog trail running event.

The first event will be held on the NSW North Coast in the Coopernook State Forest, only 2 hours from Newcastle on Sunday 28 August. In a partnership with Forestry NSW, dog lovers can run or walk either a 4km or 8km forest course that will get them and their dogs out into the great outdoors exploring. 

Both courses offer stunning landscapes set amongst the lush eucalypt forest and will appeal to both the novice and more experienced trail explorer.

“Entrants will experience the freedom of a forest trail away from the usual suburban dog-friendly haunts and have a great day with other pooch lovers.” explained Danielle Donnelly, one of the event's creators. “As well as a chance to run wild there will be displays, games, stalls, food and entertainment creating the perfect event for humans and hounds”.

The event team combines the adventure event expertise of Fully Rad Adventures, Danielle Donnelly and Richard Old, with local vets from the Sweet Pea Animal Rescue, Rob and Sam, and Richard and Danielle’s dogs, Molly the Golden Retriever and Jack the Border Collie.

“We wanted to create an event that connected people and their dogs to the outdoors in an challenging but safe setting” Event Manager Richard Old, “Having Molly and Jack involved, means we have doggie feedback and having Rob and Sam part of the team ensures the event is safe” .
The Dirty Dog Tail Run also has a serious side and supports local animal shelters as well as Animals Australia. Entries are open now for the Coopernook event on Sunday 28 August. 

Every participating hound will also receive a cool bag of goodies!

When: Sunday 28th August

Where: Coopernook State Forest (2 hours from Newcastle).

Forest Rd, off the Pacific Highway between Taree and Kew

For more information and tickets, please visit

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