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The Doddle all-in-one Dog Collar & Lead

Invented by a passionate dog mum in the UK, the Doddle went from prototype to market over a 3.5 year period. 

How does it work?

The Doddle is a combination of a collar and built-in, retracting lead that does everything a normal length lead would do – without any hassle. In other words,  "walkies is a doddle".

The Doddle is certainly an ingenious idea, as it features a bright red dog collar with a built-in lead. For those prone to misplacing their dog lead, this saves time and for those visiting the dog park daily, no more fiddly clipping on and off or having to carry the lead in your pocket whilst Fido is having a great time frolicking with his friends.

The lead itself is made from a durable nylon with a looped handle built in, and the pod weighs just 39 grams. It is incredibly compact at just 5cm diameter, and the lead retracts back into the pod built into the collar when not in use so that it always stays on the dog.

It is bright red and looks rather smart and is suitable for small/medium size dogs weighing up to 27 Kg (based on the manufacturer's literature). The pod and the lead only weigh 39 grams combined and this is light enough for your dog to quickly forget that he’s wearing a Doddle.

It is also waterproof: perfect for those unplanned summer swims and rainstorms.

What we feel could be improved

For a walk on the lead, the 1m length feels a little bit short as this does not allow your dog to indulge in his favourite pastime: checking out the pee-mail … The absence of padding on the handle may also take its toll if you’re going on a long walk. 

However if you’re just out for the usual quick stroll around the block and have a well-mannered dog (not pulling on his leash), a Doddle would be perfectly fine…
For those walking multiple small dogs, this shorter lead may actually be a plus as it will retract avoiding those messy tangled leashes multiple dog owners are familiar with.

What we really liked

If you have a long-haired dog, you know how awkward it can be to find the D-Ring hidden in its coat to quickly clip the lead on.

Whether you’re hiking in the country or a regular visitor at the local offleash park, there are always times when dogs need to be put back on their lead quickly for their own safety and this is where we think the Doddle comes into its own. There are no clips, so all you need to do is just grab the end to get your dog under control in seconds. 

The actual leash is made of nylon and was tested for use with dogs up to 27 Kg. Our personal view is that this product would be ideally suited to toy and small breeds, up to 10-15 Kg and potentially medium sized dogs if they're extremely well-behaved or older.

You can choose from the all-in-one dog collar with built-in lead or if your dog normally wears a harness, there is a second version a Doddle Pod that easily clips on to the top of the harness.

Should your Doddle collar get dirty, it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or you could put in the washing machine on a cool cycle (in a wash bag), ensuring the collar is clipped together first, with the lead pulled out after to ensure that it is fully dried.

The Doddle is available in two neck sizes: Small (28cm-32cm) and Medium (32cm-40cm).

Price and Where to Buy

RRP: $35 (Pod only) or from $40 (all-in-one Collar) at


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