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Prime100 SPD & SK-D200 Cooked Rolls

Prime 100 Skin & Digestion 200 (SK-D200) cooked rolls are specifically formulated for dogs with suspected food sensitivities, skin allergies or digestion problems. 

Each Sk-D200 variety is made using a highly novel hypoallergenic Single Protein Diet™ with added probiotics, vitamins and minerals, allowing you to maintain your dog’s health and wellbeing.

All the proteins used in this vet-recommended range are targeted to assist dogs suffering from Pancreatis, Diabetes, Dermatitis and IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease).

The Crocodile & Tapioca roll was the first roll to be made from the successes of the Kangaroo & Potato roll. Crocodile was chosen as it is the most novel protein available in Australia to help dogs with severe food allergies. Starting a dog on the Crocodile & Tapioca roll or the Kangaroo & Potato roll is a vet recommended Elimination Diet to remove the proteins causing food allergies. After 14 days, owners will introduce common proteins to see where the allergies start to affect the animal. Dogs that have beef allergies can be fed on any  SPD™ roll.

With the recent addition of Kangaroo & Pumpkin, the Prime100 SK-D200 range now offers three flavours (all come as a 2Kg roll):

  • Crocodile & Tapioca (100% high-grade cuts of crocodile)
  • Kangaroo & Potato (100% high-grade cuts of kangaroo with a minimum of 14% protein)
  • Kangaroo & Pumpkin: the addition of whole pumpkin as a new ingredient promises to help dogs with low to acute digestion issues, as it has been shown to improve both digestion and urinary health in dogs at all life stages.
Porthos & Aramis could not wait to taste the Kangaroo & Pumpkin roll - Time to remove the packaging!

The entire Prime 100 SPD™ (=Single Protein Diet™ ) range of cooked dog rolls features:

  • Added amino acids and essential nutrients for muscular development,
  • Added probiotics, vitamins and minerals,
  • Enriched with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to help nourish your dog’s skin and coat.

These are also presented as 2kg cooked rolls with two flavours to choose from:

Chicken & Brown Rice is specifically designed for the larger breeds and active dogs and provides a natural source of calcium. 

Brown Rice contains natural fibre and anti-oxidants that can assist both the dog’s digestive and cardiovascular system. It is also rich in Selenium which helps reduce the risk for developing common illnesses such as heart disease and arthritis. The added Manganese helps the body synthesize fats and also benefits the nervous system.

Lamb & Rosemary is especially recommended to feed puppies and dogs currently underweight due to its higher energy content and rich source of calcium. 

The Lamb sourced is "human-grade" with 12% minimum guaranteed protein. Rosemary can help alleviate muscle pain and boost the immune and circulatory system and is a good source of Iron, Calcium and Vitamin B6.

Whether you choose from the SPD™ or SK-D™ range, all Prime100 cooked rolls are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for the maintenance of adult dogs. 

What we liked

All the cooked rolls in this range share the same principles of including no additives, preservatives, colouring or cheap fillers like grains or animal by-products which has our tick our approval!

To make it easier, the daily feeding guidelines remain identical for all cooked rolls in this range, with a recommended 200g per 10kg of your dog's bodyweight. 

With 3 Belgian Shepherds averaging around 28kg each, this meant chopping up 560g per dog each day. We found it easier to just round up to 600g using the marks on the outside of the packaging (spaced every 200g). Not having fussy eaters is a blessing but it made it hard to tell which flavour they enjoyed the most...

We have to admit that we'd never bought a cooked dog roll in our 10 years of owning a dog... Probably because seeing other brands sold primarily in supermarkets we dismissed the entire category as a low-quality, poor nutritional option without really looking into it. We are quite happy to eat some humble pie (not the dog roll) and recognise that just as with kibble brands, you get what you pay for. 

Prime100 Single Protein Diet™ cooked rolls represent a balanced nutritional and palatable option for pet parents who prefer to give their dogs a "wet food" diet.

What we liked less...

We did struggle with cutting 900g of dog food early in the morning just because of the smell - we're used to dishing out dry kibble - it's not particularly strong but having a sensitive stomach we then found it was a lot easier preparing all the portions the night before...

There's a big variation in the price per kg depending 0n which single protein you opt for: $5.25/kg for a common protein like Lamb or Chicken but nearly $9.50/kg for Crocodile (they're harder to catch...). However if your dog suffers from some serious food or skin allergies, a novel protein may be the answer and ultimately it will save time and money in vet visits and medication.

Price & Where to Buy 

RRP: $10.49* for SPD™ Chicken/Lamb; $11.99* for SK-D200 Kangaroo & Potato; $12.49* for SK-D200F Kangaroo & Pumpkin; $18.99* for SK-D200 Crocodile & Tapioca
* price/roll, based on single unit buy

Available from vets. and pet specialty stores including Best Friends PetsPETstock, My Pet Warehouse, Petbarn and City Farmers nationally. You can also bulk buy (8 rolls min.) from

For more information, please visit

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