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Fresh Patch - Real Grass Toilet Training

"For a Dog That Has Everything Except Its Own Backyard"

Fresh Patch provides a natural, real grass pee pad training solution for your flat or home. 

No matter what kind of dog you’re trying to potty train or provide a "1 and 2’s" solution for, there are many reasons to embrace this hydroponically grown, soil-free grass product.

Not only is it a great solution for apartment dwellers if you're at work all day but it is also convenient for owners of older dogs or those recovering from illness or injury that are unable take more than a few steps to relieve themselves.

Fresh Patch Australia is dedicated to providing pet owners with a convenient, safe, and price-effective method for potty training and ongoing toilet needs of their four-legged friends.

Fresh Patch training pads are all natural, making them completely safe to use within the home. Dogs instinctively want to go on real grass, so toilet training is made easier.

The living grass absorbs liquids and controls odours naturally, providing a clean and efficient solution for your pet, more hassle-free process than ever. There is no cleaning or maintenance needed because the entire unit is fully disposable or recyclable. 


  • Fully Disposable: no emptying, cleaning, or disinfecting needed
  • No Training as dogs instinctively know to use real grass
  • Real Grass naturally absorbs urine and controls odours
  • Eco-Friendly: all natural and biodegradable product 
  • Convenient for dogs (and other pets) of all sizes
Fresh Patch Large featuring the Silver Gum protecting sleeve

With the option of a weekly or fortnightly continuous delivery service, you can replace your discarded unit with a new one when it arrives at your doorstep!
An optional steel tray is available for the large size boxes.

A stylish timber protective sleeve (in Silver Gum, Sahara Black, Bean or Jarrah) also comes as an accessory to prevent puppies from chewing the standard cardboard box. 


RRP: $33 (small) - $55 (large) as a one-off; $30-$49.99 for a fortnightly delivery.

For more information,  please watch the video below or visit

Fresh Patch Australia from Brendan Barnhill on Vimeo.

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