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Dog Lovers Book Club - May 2016

This month, we learnt about working dogs, assistance dogs, the wonders of agility training and our canine friends' power of healing. We also browsed through some wonderfully illustrated children's books who deliver the message of responsible dog ownership to young readers.


by Steve Austin

A great Aussie yarn packed with inspiring stories of shelter dogs that have been given new life and purpose - and turned around the lives of others.

Steve Austin isn't your average dog trainer. In this feel-good, yarn-laden memoir he shares amazing stories from a career of rescuing and training shelter dogs to become a crack force of K9s, culminating in his work for the 'Young Diggers' program, which pairs specially trained dogs with returned Diggers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and more, with astonishing results.

A down-to-earth Aussie larrikin, Steve Austin trains extraordinary, elite dogs for vital missions internationally in the fields of drug enforcement, environmental protection and much much more. 

From drug detection to penguins, cane toads and even truffles, and from the icy conditions of Macquarie Island to the LAPD, if you need something detected, Steve's got a dog for that. And a yarn to tell!

Paperback, 304 pages
Publisher: ABC Books, 1st March 2016

RRP: $29.99 from

by Marie Yates

Reggie and Me is the first book in the Dani Moore Trilogy. Dani's story is told through her diary in the wake of her rape and subsequent court case. 

Having moved with her mum, Dani starts year eleven at a new school, facing various challenges that bring a renewed energy to face whatever is thrown at her and carry on regardless. She realises that ‘normality’ is something that she can define herself, with the help of her dog Reggie and the people around her.

Reggie and Me is more than a story of survival, as the reader is taken on an inspiring journey of personal development, interweaved with tools that girls and young women can use to create the positive future they deserve.

This a totally realistic, and heart rending story about the power of healing assisted by the love of a four legged friend.

Paperback, 183 pages
Publisher: Lodestone Books, 31 October 2014

RRP: $18.50 from

by Kim Collins

Agility Foundation Training for Puppies and Beginner Dogs 

You might think your dog will be a superstar on the agility course, but unless you work with him “from the ground up,” you may end up being disappointed. The author takes the position that there is a lot of training and relationship building that needs to go on before you begin to train the specific skills needed for agility. 

So this is the perfect training book for you if you have a puppy or a young dog and are planning a career in agility in the future as it provides a complete training plan for both his pre-agility work and when he is ready to head out on the course.

Paperback, 168 pages
Publisher: Dogwise PublishingJanuary 1st 2006

RRP: $17.90 from


by Eva Bertilsson & Emelie Johnson Vegh

Canine agility is one of the largest and fastest-growing dog sports. It's fun for both you and your dog, whether you're tackling obstacles in your backyard or competing at international trials. 

Agility Right From the Start is the first training resource you should have and the last one you'll need. This book will help you qualifying sooner and you will learn how to develop a true partnership with your dog, on the course and off. 

With step-by-step instructions for all training exercises from basic to advanced with 600+ instructive photographs, this unique system integrates expert handling skills into your training from the start.

Paperback, 440 pages
Publisher: Sunshine Books, 15 March 2010

RRP: $40 from

Book Club - Kids' Corner

by Janeen Brian & Marjorie Crosby-Fairall

Mrs Dog is a farm dog at the end of her working life. She spends her days shadowing the steps of Tall-One — the farmer. When the pair discover an abandoned lamb one day, Mrs Dog adopts the stray and the lamb becomes her surrogate pup, learning the ways of dogs and life on the farm. 

Until one day Mrs Dog goes missing. And that’s when everything changes…

This is a story about change, courage and determination. It’s the story about an old farm dog who rescues a lamb, and the lamb who rescues her right back.

Beautifully written and illustrated Australian story by two award-winning creators, this is a great book to read to young children.

Hardcover, 32 pages
Imprint: The Five Mile Press, 1st May 2016

Ages: 3+ years

RRP: $19.95 from

The Adventures of Eddie McTeddie
by Sue McWhinney, illustrated by Helene Ruma

Eddie McTeddie is a playful and affectionate dog who loves adventure and getting into occasional mischief. When his owners Tom and Katie decide to take him to the beach, Eddie gets very excited.

This is the second book in the series and sees Eddie arrive at the beach after a long journey in the car. Eddie is very excited about being at the beach and quickly finds his friends.

This beautifully illustrated book features stunning watercolour drawings by dog trait artist, Helene Ruma, some black and white drawings to colour in and a list of tips to teach young children responsible dog ownership.

Soft cover, 28 pages
Publishers: Sue McWhinney & Helene Ruma
Ages: 2-4 years as a "read to" and 5 years as a "first reader".

RRP: $14.95 from

by Rod Clement

Written with enormous wit and insight, from the delightfully deadpan Rod Clement, comes a tale about Samson, top dog and corporate high-flier. This 'tail' will tickle children and resonate with parents. There's no doubt that it's a dog-eat-dog environment in the corporate world, but Samson the Poodle is up for the challenge. 

Samson may be the boss but he's a good boss. He rewards his troops well: with a pat on the head, a kind word and every now and then a little treat. (a Bone-us!) 

Hardcover, 32 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Australia, 1st August 2014
For Ages: 4-8 years old

RRP: $24.99 from  

by Sylvia Van den Heede, Marije Tolman

When Wolf finds a fact-filled book in the library, he thinks he will at last outsmart his clever friend Dog! The two friends spar as they learn all about mummies and skeletons; robots, knights and pirates; dinosaurs and dragons; rockets and the moon. 

As always with Wolf and Dog, there is just as much to learn about getting along together, about friends and enemies, food and fleas. 

A unique mix of story and fact, this delightful book with its fresh approach is perfect for inquisitive independent readers.

Hardcover, 128 pages
Publisher: Gecko Press, 1st April 2016

For Ages: 7+ years old

RRP: $24.99 from

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