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The Doggy Bag - Microfibre Towel for Dogs

Does your dog love a dip in the water or rolling in the mud during your outdoor adventures? Are you brave enough to battle the pouring rain for a walk but not so keen on the inevitable shake off as soon as your dog walks in through the front door? If so, this is one dog accessory you won't want to be without especially on a rainy day! 

The Doggy Bag will dry and clean you wet and muddy pooch in minutes, leaving your car's interior or entrance hall smelling fresh and fur-free!

It's the amazing microfibre material that makes this dog towel so special. With just a quick rub down, the Doggy Bag will absorb the bulk of the water off your dog, peel off sand, dirt or mud. It gets trapped in the bag keeping the back of your car, boat or house clean.

Because this material dries out much faster than regular cotton towels, the Doggy Bag does not smell of damp dog and there is no need to machine wash after every use.

Nine times out of ten, you can simply give it a quick shake outside before it is ready for use again. No more wet stinky towels to add to your laundry basket!

This zip-up microfibre towel has been hugely successful in the UK and it is finally available in Australia.

The Doggy Bag comes in five sizes from XS (perfect for a Yorkshire Terrier or Jack Russell) to XL (will suit a German Shepherd to a Great Dane).

The website includes a sizing chart to help you find the best fit for your pooch.

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: from $69 at

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