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GoughNuts MaXX 50 - Chew Toy

German Shepherd chewing on a GoughNuts MaXX Ring chew toy
The GoughNuts MaXX 50 is a dog chew toy which was designed to address the simple but serious issue of safety. 

How many dog owners have “that” dog who manages to chew their way through every single toy presented to them, even those claiming to be “virtually indestructible”?

Being owned by three extreme chewers we have purchased a lot of toys that have simply not measured up to the marketing hype on the packaging, ending up in the rubbish bin in less than a day… Not only did we waste a lot of money, but there was the possibility that one dog could have ingested a breakaway piece when left unsupervised, spelling serious trouble and an emergency trip to the vet!

What is the GoughNuts MaXX 50?

Our three Belgian Shepherds tested the new GoughNuts MaXX 50 Extra Large Ring - recommended only for extreme chewers and larger dogs - over the last couple of weeks.

GoughNuts MaXX 50 Extra Large Ring - doughnut shape
The MaXX 50 is the latest chemistry for higher strength in the range of GoughNuts chew toys (made in the USA) and this toy is marked with a yellow dot indicating its higher physical properties.

Whilst products in the regular MaXX Black range of chew toys run at about 40 hardness, the MaXX 50 runs at around 50. For the tech heads out there, this means that the tear strength, the tensile strength, and what is called the Modulus (the psi at various elongations) is higher. What these physical properties yield is a more durable product for "that" dog but it also means that it does not float.

The Technology behind GoughNuts

The purpose of the GoughNuts patent idea is to change pet chew toy technology for dogs and other pets so that the possibility of blockages (from ingestion of chew toys) in a pet’s digestive track will be lessened or eliminated.

By implementing a GoughNuts visual indicator within the chew toy itself, you can clearly see if your pet toy’s integrity has been compromised. This indication will be clearly visible if your dog chews from one colour to the next. The basic colours known throughout the world, “Green for Go” and “Red for Stop” are used.

The product instructions state that if or when your dog chews through the outer layer - whereby the red indicating “Stop” colour is seen, 
this is an indication that the toy design has been compromised and is no longer safe for use as a chew toy.

You should return this product to the manufacturer for replacement. If you decide you do not want to return the chew toy for replacement then the toy should be thrown in the garbage. 

What We Like

Conner carrying a GoughNuts Maxx 50 Ring in his teeth Playing throw and fetch in the backyard, the MaXX 50 Ring bounced high on the grass which made for a more erratic pattern than our usual tennis balls. 

This seemed to make the game a lot more fun for Conner, our expert fetch dog!  

Despite its extra large size, all our dogs easily grabbed the MaXX 50 Ring mid-air or from the ground and kept trotting back holding it proudly in their mouths.

It did take a few weeks for our dogs to start using the MaXX 50 purely as a chew toy (the rubber smell was quite strong when it first arrived) and we had to bring it inside as they tend to chew on toys at the end of the day. We will keep you posted on its durability and longevity in coming months.

GoughNuts Guarantee

If your dog chews through the outside wear layer (Green or Black) to expose the indication layer (Red) please remove the GoughNuts MaXX away immediately.

GoughNuts will replace your toy free of charge. Dogs that are capable of getting through the toy may be asked to be tracked for the company's plans for continuous improvement.GoughNuts MaXX chew toy in a stick shape
It is available in either a Ring/Doughnut shape or a Stick/Baton shape.

RRP: $60.00 from

Warning: No toy is 100% indestructible. It is unrealistic to expect that from any toy. Always supervise your dog when playing with toys. Periodically inspect all toys for damage. Do not allow your dog to continue to play with a damaged or broken toy.


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