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Chum Collars - Charm Collars for Pets

Imagine a collar you could create yourself to showcase everything you love about your pet! Now it's here... Chum Collars are designed in Australia and make the world's best charm collars for your charming pets. 

A Chum Collar can symbolise your loving bond with your pet, their unique personality or purely match their outfit for the day.

Chum Collars are made up of three elements – the collar (your choice of colour and size), the silver band with screw on clasps (included with the collar) and a range of over 300 eye-catching charms to choose from.

They are suitable for small to medium dogs for any occasion, style or personality and large dogs will also be charmed in the near future!

Sadie the Cavalier King Charles - Photo Credit: Chum Collars

Consider starting your charm collar craze with their best-selling My Princess or My Prince Starter Dog Kits, which include your choice of collar, one silver band and a selection of 20 charms specific to each Kit.

These will enable you to start creating different collar combinations in one easy purchase.

For the dedicated Chum buddie the Super Dog Kits include your choice of 2 collars, two bands and a range of 40 charms.

RRP: $39.99 for the Starter Kits and $75.00 for the Super Kits. 

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